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Sadlyhas already seen at least 41 transgender or gender non-conforming people fatally shot or killed by other violent means. We say at least because too often these stories go unreported — or misreported.

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What is my ethnicity: Finnish
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Gender: Female
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And either extreme position — full inclusion or full exclusion in sport — will make life much harder for transgender people.

We must make sport a welcoming place for all. While the controversy over transgender girls and women in sports is not new, the issue bubbled to the surface in the United States a few years ago when two transgender girls were allowed to compete in state track and field meets in Connecticut, winning a combined 15 girls' state indoor and outdoor championship races from and highlighting the piecemeal nature of state laws governing the issue. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia require the inclusion of trans girls in girls' sports without regard to the extent to which they may retain the male-linked physical traits that otherwise justify excluding males from female sports on competitive fairness and safety grounds.

Another seventeen states have adopted a policy similar to that of the NCAA, which allows trans girls and women to compete after taking gender-affirming hormones for a year. And six states have no policy regarding gender identity and sports whatsoever. Now with transgender athletes, the rules are not clear.

We need some clarity, we need some unity. We want to stay civil in the conversation and move the ball forward.

No one else is doing this. No one else is focusing on a solution.

The extreme positions are keeping us from focusing on a fair, science-based solution. Supporters of their effort include transgender runner and researcher Joanna Harper, transgender tennis pioneer Renee Richards, tennis standout and broadcaster Pam Shriver, Olympic track and field gold medalists Benita Fitzgerald Mosley and Sanya Richards-Ross, long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, Olympic diving gold medalist Micki King and pioneering race car driver Lyn St. They are in court trying to win on their respective extreme positions.

We tried to formally arrange those conversations for over a year to no avail. This needs to change and we have to just keep at it.

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