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Mom dom tumblr, Elite baby seeking Mom dom tumblr for flirts

This is not mine, but I have done it countless times over the last couple years.

cutie sister Karla

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That would be great. I would very much appreciate if someone did that. A little boy refuses to drink anything except for apple juice and milk. A little boy plays with the household cats and gets disappointed when they walk away like all cats do. A little boy refuses to go anywhere without his stuffed mouse.

Years: 47
I love: Hetero
Gender: Lady
Hair: Straight ash-blond hair

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Mommy dom porn

Overstimulate your sub until they're crying and whimpering "Please, please Daddy I can't I can't. Touching yourself without permission. Mommy: Are you? Have you learned your lesson that fast?

I-I pr-r-romise to ne-e-ever to-touch my-y-self a-again. Mommy will take care of you kitten. I want to watch him arch upwards beneath me, desperate for more.

I want to run my fingertips down his chest, his stomach, ghost across the inside of his thighs — avoiding the places he desperately wants me to touch, but coming so close, a held breath away. What he needs. And he knows I know.

I want to smile down at him, with hungry lust and all the affection I feel for him in my eyes. I want to see him gaze upwards, his bottom lip caught between his teeth, his eyes desperate, hungry — trusting.

Mommy domme to a wonderful little boy ♡

I want to be worthy of that trust, to make sure he knows I will never betray it; that his boundaries are holy to me — I will push him to the edges of them, but I will never push him past them. I want to melt around him like a sunset, and I want him to explode into me like a summer firework. Your monsters may be under the bed, but mine are all in my head. Take care of them like they take care of you.

Please understand that they also need emotional support! Please protect littles with depressionanxiety and other mental health issues. They need it.

Posts Ask me anything tell me something : Archive. Important wholesome shit. Guys should also get their tiddies sucked.