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Mom put me back in diapers story, I liked hunting for male that Mom put me back in diapers story showgirls

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Authors note: This is a true story to the best of my ability to recall events from my early childhood.

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When I was seven years old, my mother gave birth to my baby sister, Sherry.

I guess I was jealous of the attention she was getting from my mother. We both were breast fed by mom as babies, but I watched in amazement as she fed Sherry. I asked questions and she let me suck on her breast to see what the milk tasted like.

It seemed like she never had time for me so one day after she put Sherry down for a nap, I crawled into her lap to snuggle. It was my hope that she would offer me a breast to suck but she didn't.

Back in diapers

Finally, I asked her if I could have some of her milk, but she said that it wasn't proper for me to suck her breast since I was an older boy. She said she had just let me taste it that once but asked if it was the milk I wanted. I said yes and she got up and told me she would be right back. When she returned she had a baby bottle with some milk she had saved up. She laid me on her lap and proceeded to give me the bottle.

A boy in diapers

It tasted good but it felt good to be cuddled. It never happened again but I always kept fond memories. Mom had another girl when I was eleven and I always liked to watch her breast feed Angela but she never offered me any. One day, after being rained out on a scout camp out, I returned home to find a note from mom and dad saying they had gone to my grandmas for the weekend. They didn't expect me home until Sunday night, so I would have to stay by myself.

I went to the refrigerator to get something to drink. I saw on of Angela's bottles of milk in there and decided to taste it again. I sucked it and it brought back memories of drinking the bottle and sucking moms breast. I started feeling babyish and went to Angela's room.

Jimmy's diaper story

After looking around, I saw her diapers in the stacker hanging on her crib. I sized one up to myself and since I was small and they were large toddler size, I took off my clothes and put one on. It was tight but it worked. I wandered around the house admiring myself in a diaper and acting like a baby.

8 years old and back in diapers part 2

I got a chair and climbed into the baby bed and started sucking the bottle. I laid there and peed in the diaper to see how it felt. I used three of her diapers that day and that evening mom called home.

When I answered, she told me after watching the weather, they thought we might have come home from the camp- out. She was worried about me being home by myself, but I told her I was OK. She told me to stay inside and keep the doors locked and if I needed anything to call her sister, my Aunt Kristen, who lived across town.

She told me they would be home the next evening.

Back in diapers

I was having so much fun acting like a baby, I told her they didn't have to hurry on mythat I would be OK. I peed in the diaper after the call and then slept that night in Angela's crib. I drank so many bottles of milk that I soaked the diaper during the night. It filled my diaper and even leaked on the bed. It felt exhilarating to wake up in the crib with a soaked diaper. I guess it was because it seemed like something that would be taboo for a boy my age. I changed my diaper and spent the morning watching TV. Around noon, I fixed another bottle and climbed back into the crib.

I figured to lay there a while then clean up all traces of my babyhood. I was on my eighth diaper that weekend and I knew I would have to get rid of them before my parents came home. I dozed off sucking the bottle and didn't wake up until the bedroom light came on. I laid still as Sherry came into the room to get Angela a diaper.

As she was getting it, mom came in saying Angela needed dry clothes. When she got them from the dresser, she turned toward me and realized I was in the crib. She asked me what I thought I was doing, since she had looked in my room for me.

I couldn't answer her because I was starting to get scared. She came over and said she wondered where the bottle she had for Angela went to. She asked if I liked the milk. She said that my diaper looked a little tight and then put her finger in to see if it was wet. She said I really was a baby and told me to lay still. She left the room and I could hear her telling my dad to go look at his biggest baby in the nursery. When she returned, she gave me the bottle full of regular milk and told me to drink it. I told her I didn't want to and she said that it looked like I really did.

Dad came in and started laughing when he saw me. Mom went to the closet and came back with a little larger diaper than Angela's. It was one of Sherry's last bag of diapers. I begged her not to put another diaper on me but she told me that I couldn't go around in a wet diaper.

After changing me she helped me get out of the crib and we went to the living room. She sat me on the floor in front of them and asked me to explain myself.

I told her I had just climbed in to see how it felt to be a baby. I asked her to forget what I had done and that it was no big deal. She told me it was hard to forget about seeing her twelve year old son in a crib in diapers, sucking a bottle. She asked me if I had just tried it then why were there so many used diapers? She told me that since I wanted to be a baby so bad that I would do it while they were gone, then I could be one while they were there.

8 years old and back in diapers part 2

I begged her not to do this to me but she seemed to be mad about what I had done. She told me that I would be in diapers till she said I was old enough not to wear them.

She told me to just relax and enjoy myself and think of all the attention I would get. Dad went to the garage and got the portable traveling crib and set it up in the nursery.

Mom told me that I would sleep in the baby bed and Angela would sleep in the portable crib. I asked mom if I could pull my diaper down to go to the bathroom, but she told me that was what diapers are for and it was obvious that I had not used the toilet since I had been home. We ate a late dinner and when it was ready, mom told me to sit in the high chair.

She held Angela and fed her and my plate was put on the tray but I got to feed myself. After eating, mom took a picture of me sitting in the high chair. We watched TV for a while and while sitting on the floor I had to pee. I finally went in my diaper, and when we got ready to go to bed, mom checked my diaper and told Sherry to go get me a dry diaper. It is very humiliating for your younger sister to be told to get you a dry diaper.

Mom proceeded to change me on the floor in front of everyone. She had put Angela to bed and told me to head that way also and she would be right in.

When she came in, she had a bottle of milk and apologized that it wasn't breast milk. She said she would save up her milk since I liked so well.

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She helped me get in the crib and covered me up and gave me the bottle. She told me to sleep tight and drink all my milk. I drank all the milk and laid there wondering what I had got myself into. I woke up the next morning with my diaper dry. I laid there until Angela woke up and started crying, and mom came in.