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Young Luna sat in a tiny, wooden chair at a tiny, wooden table. The table was set with porcelain tea cups, small plates, a small tea pot, and cloth napkins. She was ed by a large, brown Teddy bear named Mr.

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Set after the season one finale. Thirty-second in the Redeeming Grant series. May had spoken with her mother right after the eventful family dinner where everyone made plans for a vacation.

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Ever since she'd married Gru, Lucy always knew she'd have to take in a new step of her life, motherhood! Ever since she'd been to Freedonia to visit Gru's twin brother Dru, the mother daughter relationship had particularly been strengthened between her and Margo since they had meet Niko and his engagement cheese.

Little did Lucy know was that her mothering skills were really going to be put to the test this week. It was the beginning of half term, so the girls had a week off school.

One early morning, Lucy thought she heard someone crying in the bathroom, but it sounded rather muffed. Lucy went into the bathroom and found Margo sitting still and tense on the floor, Lucy saw that Margo's head was in her hands and she was crying! Margo looked up at her mom with big tears rolling her cheeks.

Tropes found in this fanfiction:

She pointed to her mouth and tried to say something, but she couldn't seem to get the words out, she could only make muffed, mumbling sounds. There's something wrong with your mouth? Margo just nodded sadly. Lucy noticed a small tube that looked like toothpaste lying on the sink between the hot and cold taps. She picked it up and read the words on the side of the tube. Didn't you get a fishy taste?

Luz accidentally calls eda mom: the fanfic

You've used glue instead of toothpaste! Margo covered her face with her hands and burst into tears again. Margo looked up and smiled through her tears, she wanted to ask how, but of course she couldn't. But she trusted Lucy.

Meanwhile, Lucy had gone downstairs into the kitchen to see if there was a pepper shaker. To her luck, there was indeed! Lucy found one in the cupboard where Gru kept all the cooking sauces and spices which he sometimes used for cooking dinner. Lucy took the pepper back upstairs to the bathroom where Margo was waiting. Margo looked at the shaker in Lucy's hand, wondering what her mother had in mind.

Lucy asked Margo to lie down on her back, then she unscrewed the top of the pepper shaker. Then she poured a sprinkle of pepper into Margo's nostrils and stepped well back. Seconds later, Margo felt a strong tickle in her nose and gave a great big sneeze.

The force of the sneeze was so powerful it had blown Margo's gluey mouth wide open! Margo obeyed and Lucy quickly grabbed Margo's toothbrush and the tube of toothpaste.

Once the toothpaste was on the brush, Lucy wasted no time cleaning the worst of the glue off of Margo's teeth, going carefully from top teeth to bottom teeth, from front to back, in between the gaps between each and every last tooth. Once Lucy was finished, Margo found she could talk again.

I thought I'd never be able to talk again! Just then Gru came strolling by. The words are clearly written on the tubes''. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Movies Despicable Me. Margo realizes how much her new adoptive mother Lucy cares about her and her sisters and will always try to help them sort out their problems if they get into trouble and by the end, Margo can't be grateful enough to have Lucy as her mother. NOTE: Margo's mishaps don't all occur on the same day or the same week, they each take place months apart. Margo nodded very wisely.

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At The Zoo With Marcy 6. There's No Place Like Home! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.