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You are free to feel me and touch me anyways you want me to and I could be in front of your faggot father.

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Ok Son, it's my birthday and I'm very horny, but your father had to leave last minute last night and he's not here for me now. Mom wanted to make sure I understood that she was completely committed to me, and that she and her body were now dedicated to my pleasure and satisfaction.

How old am I: 35
I love: I like man
I prefer to drink: Vodka
Favourite music: Country
Body piercings: None
Smoker: No

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Not sure if this will work. This particular chapter had so much media in it. There was a little clearing, on the property out behind the cabin, before the trailhe led off into the deep woods. Mom had already spread out an air mattress and blankets and towels.

I want to give you a very special massage. Ah, yes, finally, here we go. She had some kind of oil she began to rub into my back. The sun was warm enough to cut through the spring breeze coming into the clearing. I was excited about getting laid, but the massage part really did feel good.

This seemed to have some actual therapeutic business to it. I was just in a zen state. Time seemed to slow down.

Mommy began to work my thighs and legs from the back while she talked. Occasionally I would feel a warm trickle as more oil would drizzle onto me. Her hands were going everywhere.

I heard something about tantric massage and kundalini and lingam. Sounds fake, but ok.

Thanks to mommy, i always came to school in good mood… the morning blow job is a tradition since elementary school

She slipped her warm hands up my inner thighs and stroked my full balls and cock gently from the back. I groaned. Her voice was low and sultry in my ear. You know.

But Mama is here for you. I ogled her swinging tits and rosy nipples as she reached for her container of oil. She poured it down her chest and tits and began to rub it all around. I started smearing the warm oil over her perfect mommy tits, dragging my thumbs over her nipples. She smiled, and reached for me. She began to slowly coat my thick shaft with oil, while I rubbed and tweaked her tits. Not long now and I might be spraying cum on them….

It feels so good to Mommy. Your penis is leaking and dripping on my nipples. A breeze blew her hair up for a second, as she reached for my shaft. Like she was polishing the head of my cock. And then constantly pouring more oil onto me and her body. I groaned and squeezed her slippery tits, grappling and grabbing them. I started to get crazy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Her voice was still low and gentle. Oh god, her voice. Sexy and low. Her oiled finger slid down my crack, pressing against me. Gently… just teasing. My eyes rolled back in my head. She climbed up my leg, and let her soaking wet pussy slide up over my anguished dick.

Sweet baby boy.

Giving your body up to your beloved mama? She slipped off just in time, moving her oiled body down to my side. Her warm heavy breasts pressed against me, and the torture on my cock recommenced instantly. Twist and polish, twist and polish. I felt a warning pang at the back of my neck; this was a trick question.

With your cock in your hand ✊💦💦

But my cock answered for me. My balls hurt so bad. Please let me release. She wrapped a hand gently around my enormous full balls, as she gave me one purposeful stroke. Then she took her hand off my cock. She smiled wickedly, as my balls begin to spasm. Her fingers and palm began to massage them gently, as they clutched.

The semen formed rivulets as it slid down my oiled penis. It pooled on my belly. Mommy had begun to wipe the oil from her hands. She smiled at me fondly, at my confusion. She used the blanket to wipe the jizz from my stomach. Nothing more. As we walked back to the cabin, she linked her arm through mine. My blog is boring as fuck now!! Tumblr block everything I post without any clothes on.

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I was so ready. It felt like it had been a month. Yep, here we go.

Not long now and I might be spraying cum on them… Oh fuck. I moaned. She looked up sweetly.

Check it out

I know you. I know your penis. I know every inch of you. My balls must actually be bright blue right now. Oh my god. My balls are going to explode. Just close your eyes for a minute and feel. Stroke and slide and tease. So strong and brave for Mommy.

I need you. I need to cum. It hurts so bad. How long we wanted each other. It was coming whether she wanted it or not. It was too late. I had just cum. I could see it on me, cooling in the air.

How was I still hard? And why did I still feel insanely horny? What happened?

So you did. Very much. Hello there! Yes lots of time.