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My babysitter spanked me, I liked My babysitter spanked me somebody who like chocolate

Right after I started going to UCF a few years ago I used to babysit every day in the afternoon for a mother a close friend of my mom who used to babysit me when I was little who lived in the same neighborhood as the rental house I was staying in every day while she was at work, for a little less than a year.

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My Babysitter Melissa Part II by Randy Thus the object of my most intense, boyish affections moved from supervising me in a group every Sunday to a much more intimate, one-on-one situation as my new babysitter. Little did my mother know she had fulfilled my wildest hopes. Given my feelings for Melissa, it's easy to see why I vividly remember the first night she sat for me. As with all new babysitters, the evening began with a long list of instructions from Mom. She was thorough if anything. There were reminders about my meal times, homework duties, television privileges, room straightening chores, teeth brushing, and bedtime.

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for Free! Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 12 years ago. I had just turned sixteen but my parents still insisted I have a babysitter. I wasn't the most mature sixteen year old so I guess you could understand it. My babysitter was a nineteen year old girl called Rosie.

She was in the sixth form at my school and was a was an incredibly sexy girl who always wore sexy clothes and was very popular with boys and girls alike. She was tall and slim with long blond hair. All my friends fancied her so I was kind of happy she was my babysitter I guess. One summer night she was due to stay over to look after me as my parents were actually staying away for the night.

She arrived at about 7pm and my mother greeted her at the door.

As usual she looked amazing. She was wearing a very short denim mini skirt and a tight top which showed off an impressive set of breasts. She also wore high heels and tottered into the house - she really did look great and my cock pulsed as I saw her.

She smiled at me and said "hello Jim how are you?

My parents were ready to go so my mum gave her all the details about where the food and drink was and where she would be sleeping. Then after saying goodbye to me and telling me to behave for Rosie she headed off with Dad to a wedding in London.

I'll be working in my room" I said and headed straight upstairs. I went straight onto the computer in my room. Seeing Rosie and being so close to this girl that was so incredibly sexy had made me feel horny. I logged on and did a search for sexy babysitters on Google, five minutes later and I was watching free sex videos with teen babysitters being fucked in every hole imaginable. I had my cock out and started to wank while clicking on different images and videos. I decided to stop - I didn't want to waste an orgasm on the porn.

Why didn't I pretend to be asleep later and try and watch Rosie get undressed. I might even get a photo of her naked - now how much would the boys at school like to see that! I stayed in my room most of the night but did pop down to watch a couple of comedy programmes I liked that Rosie liked too. We chatted too but most of the time was spent trying to peek up her skirt and also to hide my erection from her and I did so. I did get a glimpse of some pink panties at one point and my cock nearly exploded.

She kept telling me how tired she was so at just after ten I told her I was going up to bed and she said she would follow soon after. I went upstairs and got ready for bed, turning the light out and shouting good night to Rosie downstairs - I could here her washing up her tea cup and so laid down in bed.

I heard her come upstairs and peek into my room.

She obviously assumed I was asleep which is what I hoped as I heard her go into the room she was going to sleep in. The door of that room didn't close properly which was perfect for my plan. I gave it a few minutes and then got up. I crept over to her room and peered in through the gap between the wall and the door that was ajar. Rosie was standing up in front of a full length mirror holding her hair in different position and posing as though being photographed.

She looked fantastic. Then without warning she dropped her hair and pulled her tight top off, she wasn't' wearing a bra and the most wonderful sight appeared before me as she turned around.

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A wonderful full pert pair of nineteen year old tits stared back at me. My cock jerked into action. I was only wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and they were now fully tented at the front. I stayed rooted to the spot and watched. Next she kicked off the heels and then reached around the back of her skirt and it dropped to the floor.

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This was getting better and better. Id completely forgotten about the camera as I took in this new amazing sight of Rosie topless in her pink panties standing in front of me. Time seemed to slow right down. I remembered the camera but in my haste to get it ready I dropped it. Rosie stopped moving and listened. I froze with my pyjamas bottoms still sticking out at the front. I prayed that she hadn't heard the noise and when she moved away from the door I thought I had got away with it. She disappeared out of sight then all of a sudden the door suddenly fully opened and topless Rosie was not topless anymore - she had found her top put it back on and then crept upto the door and opened it.

What she found was a sixteen year old boy peering through a gap in the door with a rock hard erection and a camera lying on the floor. I walked into her room, head bowed. I tried to speak but didn't know what to say or where to start. I tried to hide my cock away but Rosie said "stop that and put your hands on your head". She said it with such assertiveness I did exactly that. I did as I was told and although I was really embarrassed my cock clearly wasn't. It stayed standing up as I looked at her. Please don't tell my mum".

I was spanked by my babysitter

Rosie thought for a moment. I agreed immediately - there was no way I could let Mum find out about this - I would do whatever it took to stop that from happening.

My erection had subsided somewhat but I was still larger than normal and it was obvious. I still stood in front of her with my hands of my head as she sat on the bed. It was a relief to get my hands down. I put my hands in the waist band of my bottoms and paused.

My bottoms came down and I stood in front My babysitter spanked me her naked and my cock began to rise again. I was so embarrassed. My face was beetroot red as she just stared at my hardening cock. My cock pulse against her bare thighs as she began lightly spanking my bottom with her hand. She got progressively harder and harder until after each spank I had to let out a groan to relieve the force of it.

I tried not to cry and she scolded me during the spanks, every now and again she would stop and rub my bottom. She spanked everywhere, including the inside of my thighs and as she did my legs started to move apart. This meant that when she stopped to rub me she had access to my balls which she didn't touch directly but brushed them regularly and also my anus was on full show which she also made a point of rubbing indirectly.

The spanking went on for at least half an hour. She repeatedly told me she was sorry for having to do it but that she had no choice and that I had to learn that I couldn't do what I had just done. By the time she stopped I was sobbing. Her touches though had kept me in a state of excitement so my erection was still there.

Finally she told me to stand and I had to apologize to her and promise I would never do anything like it again. She then told me I was a good boy and pulled me onto her lap. Then she did something that shocked me. I couldn't believe it. I had a very sore bottom but I felt like I was in heaven again. I got off her lap and she laid down on the bed propped up by her pillow. I sat next to her on the bed and put my hands on her beautiful breasts and started to touch them as I did she reached down to my cock and took it in her hand. She pulled me closer and started to gently wank my cock.

I groaned and about thirty seconds later I felt an orgasm building, I started to tell her and she shook her head and went faster seconds later as I came she expertly wanked my cock over her tits - my cum shooting in thick spurts all over them. I was speechless but basked in my glory. Rosie looked at me smiled, pulled me forward and kissed me on my forehead. This is our little secret ok? Go to bed and I will see you in the morning.

I'm off for a shower and don't even think about trying to watch me in it! I am sorry" I said.