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My first thong bikini, I am searching somebody who My first thong bikini bangs

Everyone should spend at least one day at the beach with their butt out. It was the norm in South America at the time for women, and even some men, to wear colaless literally bottomless bikinis.

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Hello, my name is Sandra Tanner, I was born on February 5 th which makes me 28 years old at the time of this article. Personality wise, I would say I am somewhat reserved, tend to lean more towards the conservative side of things. I am not an introvert nor an extrovert, just a normal 28 year old woman. My children are alive, my job is secure, Iown my homeā€¦. So time for a little Mom time!. My best girlfriends decided it was time totake a vacation.

My age: I am 54
What is my ethnicity: I'm nicaraguan
What is my favourite music: I like to listen jazz
Smoker: No

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Cheeky type Wait, you're 30 and your mom won't let you shop by yourself? If you are 30 your mom would be at least Are you fibbing in some way? That's just much more skin than I'm willing to Show. I personally don't like to see random peoples asses so I don't want to Put anyone through that either lol. But I still believe it should be allowed of course. Everyone should wear what they Like as long as the genitals are covered. Rundown yes I know.

A little bit about myself

I'm Not against them in general. Jenny you still wear them? Jenny what kinda butt u got? How old were you, what type was it and what was the reason? Guys, if you wanna answer, what is your favourite type of bikini to see on a woman?

Share Facebook. When did you get your first thong bikini? Add Opinion. I like most bikini tops on girls as long as the girl has smaller boobs. Is this still revelant?

Titanic 4. One of my female friends wore this bikini and it looked like her boobs were going to fall out. Beccawife33 Xper 4.

Went clothes shopping with my moms boyfriend and he went to the food court and let me shop by myself. What type was it, and for any occasion? I wouldn't buy a thong bikini, that's just too revealing to be wearing in public. It's not too hot to wear appropriate clothing in my opinion.

Daniela 2.

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Thongs are over rated. They keep falling down. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Guys, do you prefer your woman in bikini panties, boy shorts, a thong, or something else? Girls, Survey be honest! A sexy dare for me and my boyfriend; which swimsuits should we wear to the beach? You get to decide!

Why did i want to wear a thong bikini

Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does it feel to wear bikinis? Sort Girls First Guys First. WinterAurelia Xper 4. I will never get one. I love the swimsuits that give hilarious tan lines.

Actually I think thongs in general, underwear or bikinis, are totally unsexy on most girls! T-string is so much sexier!!! Is a T String like a G String? Thong bikinis are nice but i think the normal bikini looks better. But then any woman in either looks great. I love thong bikinis as long as the girl has a nice body. By nice I mostly mean not fat, or have a cottage cheese butt. Pejtu 1.

My sister was 15 when she bought herself first bikini and went to the beach. My first thong swimsuit i was My boyfriend bought it for me and i had to hide it and only wear it when swimming at his house. Thongs help avoid panty lines, when worn as underwear. Show All Show Less.

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Thongs are ideal for a girl with a great ass and legs. For a girl with great boobs, nothing beats a triangle string top. I love when a girl wears that so i can check out her butt cheeks!

AnnonEMouse opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. First thong bikini, a few months ago.

Nice, good on you! SissyFrenchMaid opinions shared on Sexuality topic. I like to cross dress so I bought a thong bikini to wear in front of the mirror.

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I think girls look good in them too. Probably better. Browneye57 9. GentleMimo81 Xper 3. Thats the same time I got mine.

What type was it and for what reason? I did 2 years ago and yes i wear mens thongs. Dat-Alpha-Lion opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Andylaker Xper 2. Jenny 1.

Hibana Xper 3. Hibana do u still wear them? Hibana do you like gettting your butt checked out lol? Hibana lol ever flash it to anyone? For my boyfriend and my sis Okay. Kelly6 4. I couldnt survive without mine, what do you wear at the beach then? I had pm u. Reply me. Related myTakes.

What is more important than beauty in attraction. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.