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My nephew fucked me, My nephew fucked me liked searching friend who loves gypsy

After a bad divorce I went through a depressing period in my life, I started drinking a lot at home and one evening I did something very regrettable, I had sex with my 18 year old nephew who was staying at my house for a few days to take his college tests.

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 3, by anonymous views 9 comments. This true story happened 15 years ago. I was39 years old ,married with an older man who though he loved me could very rarely satisfy me sexually.

How old am I: 37
Gender: Fem
What is the color of my hair: Wavy redhead hair
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
My tattoo: None

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She was my cousin but was a lot older than me. She also had a son who was few months younger than me. We were really good friends before he had left but at that time we were just 14 when he left and now i had turned 18 when he came back. I moved to their house to help them out for marriage a week earlier than marriage. He was being very formal and I really wanted to talk to him and do all sort of fun that we used to before he had gone. I was always looking for his attention but he never paid any attention to me.

One day they had lots of other people visiting them so I was baby sitting the kids that had come along with the guests in a room and then after few minutes Aryan came in the room to grab something.

I thought it was a great chance to talk to him so I offered him to play cards with me as he really liked playing cards. First he smiled and then he said he will be back in few minutes. He came back after a while and we started playing cards and started talking to each other recalling the memories from the past. After few minutes, as we were sitting on the floor, I put my hand down on the floor just to change my sitting position and i got pocked by a needle that was sitting in the carpet.

As I removed my hand from the floor, little bit blood had come out. When he saw it, he grabbed my hand started cleaning the little bit blood that was there and asked me if I was ok.

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He rubbed on my palm with his thumb and said that I have beautiful hands. He was still holding my hand in his hand as we heard foot steps, somebody was coming in the room we were sitting. He let my hand go and walked out of the room. I felt nice when he was holding my hand and praising it.

We used to sleep on the roof as it was summer and really warm at night and all beds used to be next to each other. When it was bed time he came on the roof and took the very last bed to sleep. I got up there and occupied the very next bed to him. After about half an hour when I knew everybody was sleeping, I looked over to Aryan and he was still awake. I pushed my hand toward him, he saw it and held it.

Fucked by my nephew

I felt nice but soon after his hand moved up to my bed and he started playing with my hair and then cheeks. I was little discomfort able with his this move but I let him do it. Soon after he pulled his hand out of there and I was relaxed and then he put it on my stomach and he starting massaging it. It was as bad as squeezing the boobs so I enjoyed it. Then he lifted up my kameez and told me he wants to feel it inside so i let him do it again as it was on the stomach but he again reached on my boobs. He rubbed on it and I was feeling the heat and I got wet.

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It was first time I someone had touched my this body part. After rubbing a while he inserted his finger inside. It was even a quarter inside me and I felt a great pain and pulled his finger out.

It was hard for me to keep my voice low, he again put his finger in a pushed it all the way up in my pussy. I held his hand there and I had cum by this time. I just took his hand out and I was in tears as I felt a great amount of pain when he finger fucked me and I moved away from him to a different bed. So we started talking on different topics and he left. The next night it was cloudy out side so everyone was sleeping in the rooms. I was in a room where all the ladies were and about midnight he came in room when everyone was sleeping, he woke me up and told me to come out.

I followed him making sure no body sees us there and I came into his room, he got in his bed and asked me to lie in his bed too. I was feeling the heat too, I was scared of loosing my control so I told him to stop and he did. Then he told me that he will marry me so we are going to do all this after marriage so why not before. He said ok then but just stay with me and he started touching me again and sucking on my body and boobs.

He came to my room and woke me up and asked me to follow him. When i told me no few times he lifted me up in his arms from my bed and took me to his room. I told him Aryan please its not good doing it before the marriage. I told him My nephew fucked me was virgin so he has to be nice and gentle and he promised that he will.

He took off my shit and started kissing and I was enjoying but same time I was scared too. He sucked on my boobs and squeezed them and rubbed them, my nipple were hard and I was too for the first time with him getting really horny.

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I asked him to come inside me now but he said wait a little more, he kept sucking on my body and then he took off his short and I could see the rock hard rod standing up. It was first time I ever saw a real dick. I grabbed my hand and put them on his dick.

It seemed it was on fire, really hot. I was waiting for him to put it inside me. But then he asked me to suck on it. I was shocked as I had never heard of sucking on it. I told him no, then he grabbed his phone and played a video of his own with a white girl sucking on his dick.

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He again started making innocent faces and started begging me to do it. He showed me the video to get an idea how to suck on it but I could do it any better so he said this much is good and removed my pant. He kept finger fucking me for a while and then when I badly wanted him in me he put his dick on my pussy. It was hot so was my pussy, he rubbed on my busy with his dick and then slowly put it inside of me.

It was just the head that came in me and i just pushed him away. It was hurting, i told him. He said he will be gentle now. I tried to push him away but him stronger this time. I was in tears because of the pain but when he took it out, my pussy was bleeding and there was blood on his pennies.

I got scared but he told me it happens for the first time and he kept fucking me for about 40 minutes. He was experienced but I came twice while the session lasted and then finally he was done, his liquid was all on my stomach and pussy. I was completely broken and out of imagery, he took me in bathroom, cleaned me up and i went to sleep. It was only me, his mom and him in the house i was also going to leave after one week but that whole week he kept fucking me everyday sometime twice in a night. He fucked me in the ass in my pussy, in my room, in bathroom, kitchen, in every corner of the house and every hole of mine.

By now i had learnt how to give him a blowjob and hand job so we even did it in the car. But then i left to my house and he went abroad.

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I wrote him letters called him so many times but he never answered it and then finally my parents decided to set up an arranged marriage for myself. Now I am 23 happily married with my husband living in England. But I still could get along with the time.

I still wish I get to see him once again and ask him why he never even answered me once. At least could tell me to move on with my life leaving him behind. It bothers me a lot but today I am posting this story here hoping that he re it and tries to reach me to give me all the answered of my questions. My e-mail qms7 [ protected] please no guys mailing me for sex or anything because i wont make the same mistake again.

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