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I never thought I would get to type that title, haha it feels so great.

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All of this le to a lot of confusion and misinformation, which can make it daunting for women who are ready to take the plunge. A recent study conducted by Dr.

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I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, so was my best friend at school, and she invited me over after school on a Friday, so I went, but after a few hours she asked if I wanted to call my mom and see if I could sleep over and come to the fair with them the next day. I called and it was ok, but I had nothing to Myfirst lesbian sex, she took me to the washing machine and told me to throw all my clothes in. I stripped down to my panties and she said panties too. I froze and she laughed and said ok here, and she took off all her clothes and threw them in, and then looked at me.

We went back to her room to put something on, and she closed the door. And slowing came towards me with a weird smile. I sat on the bed and tried to move away from her, and she told me to stop, got on her knees and spread my legs. She told me to relax and lay my head down.

Close my eyes. She gave me a big shirt to wear and she did the same, and when I asked for panties all she said was no. We went upstairs to watch tv, had dinner, talked to her parents Why would it matter?

It seems like few things are as shrouded in mystery as lesbian sex.

Why was it wrong? When we went to bed she asked if we could get naked with each other. She laid next to me and asked if I wanted to touch her. It felt weird touching anyone but especially another naked girl. She told me what she liked most about women was that she somehow already knew what everything was gonna feel like and she knew exactly what to do I asked if I had to lick her and she said no, I never had to do anything.

I am your friend and I find you look and feel and taste amazing to me. And I love that I made you explode and lose control in such a powerful way. They have to become me. And you get to see what you like doing or not doing.

There is nothing selfish about caring and putting in the effort to make someone else feel loved and accepted. I am not trying to make you do anything and we can shut up and stop right now if you want. Or how about I shut off the lights and we just explore each other for a while? It took a while but she did, and then she did me again, but in a totally different way then before and it was amazing. I went home a changed person, and I am not a lesbian. I love men just fine. But that was the first of many new adventures. Took several failed attempts, but eventually I could take it as much as I wanted.

She was coming on to me and ended up naked in bed with her.

It was the best suck I ever had and couldn't spread my legs wide enough for her. My first was similar but my best friend and I were both Like you it was also my first sexual experience. I never did before. This story sounds very much like the one my wife has told me about her youth. Now at 67 she has had about men and 25 women. I am the only man ever to pay attention to her azz.

She even loved to suck me after we did it. You just have to experiment and find the best combination for you.

The best apps that promise to amp up your sex life because sex = self-care, right?

If your iq was that low at 12, you're just stupid. I was waaay smarter than that as a. Probably smarter than I am now. Also, if you actually had the capacity to read the story, you'd realize she didn't write it when she wass 11 or You really don't need to read the full story to realize this, though. Because when someone says "", this implies they are remembering something from the past.

Curious about trying lesbian sex for the first time? you’re not alone. far from it!

My wife Anna invited a girl "' Barbra '' from school to sleep over. Anna said that she in a state of shockFrozen in place unable to move. Anna said that her panic was replaced with feelings of pleasure. Then Anna's body began shaking all over and waves and waves of pleasure swept over her. The following morning neither one of them spoke about it.

Barbra asked if she could sleep over again the following weekAnna said she could. The following week Anna pretended to be sleeping for about 20 minutes.

My first lesbian experience

After Barbra's third sleep over Anna said that she had thoughts about doing the same for Barbra. Three more sleep overs and Anna couldn't get up enough nerve to get between Barbra's legsThough she really wanted to.

Barbra didn't ask to sleep over the following weekInstead Barbra and invited herself to sleep over at another girls house. The girl woke up and began screaming her head off. The girls parents called Barbra's parents and told them to come pick her up.

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There is more to this story? Jonnboy yahoo. Four play.

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Random Confession. Like us? My husband has told me he would like me My mother and I have been doing webcam My husband has had bisexual fantasies I found out my sister is a stripper and I did like you. I love my husband to death don't get me Time to go to some chat rooms and My wife and I were at a hot tub party I am only 13 but like most girls these I am 40 years old and have been married I seduced my uncle when I was My first lesbian experience I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, so was my best friend at school, and she invited me over after school on a Friday, so I went, but after a few hours she asked if I wanted to call my mom and see if I could sleep over and come to the Myfirst lesbian sex with them the next day.

I go to school and live with 10 girls in a large house. I am bi, and I love to Cancel Post. Sep Sort Newest. Most Popular. Most Comments. All Confessions.

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