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Night travels of the elven vampire, Extrovert baby Night travels of the elven vampire for friend for dances

This article is about NPCs who are vampires. For the disease's effects on the player, see Vampirism. The disease causes them to physically change, giving them supernatural powers and making them immune to poison, but vulnerable to sunlight and fire.

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Yes: the author posted an Amazon review to defend themselves from the critics and sporkers.

And gave their own book 2 stars. name: Password OpenID? Forgot it?

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Remember Me. Entries tagged with bad fantasy. It's been a while since I have posted about Gloria Tesch. My real life has gotten in the way and honestly I'm too busy writing my own book to worry about checking in on Gloria, for the most part. I also been pretty busy with the drama that has exploded all over the romance genre about the Romance Writers of America.

So, while I was watching the explosion happen in Romancelandia, Gloria Tesch quietly decided to use a new name and changed her website and her social media s to Sofia Nova. This is the first book she has published since which was 'Maradonia and the Battle for the Key'. I don't know if she has truly improved as an author, but if one would to judge simply by the cover art yes, this book is once again illustrated by her mother I would say no.

To be fair, the blurb is not that bad and kind of interesting? It's on Kindle Unlimited which I do have but I'm too busy with writing my own book to really devote any time to it.


The book has only 2 five star reviews on Amazon and has no reviews on Goodre. So, I have no idea what to think about it But since this is Gloria 'ratchet' Tesch I'm leaning on the side of this is going to be an awful train wreck. What I'm praying is that one of you good souls in this community will take the time to either review it or spork it for the lulz.

Tags: bad fantasygloria tesch. Night Travels of the Elven Vampire Feb. September 9, Verified Purchase.

Night travels of the elven vampire

I wont go into the lack of promised editing, of a certain publisher. Other authors have reviewed this book, and liked it, in spite of any editing problem.

I wont say something said isn't right Anyone else wrote this and nothing would be said. A lot of flack over a novelette, stalking a novelist all over the net, to belittle the work, and attempt to hurt feelings.

Getting a big laugh at this authors expense. Getting family and friends of a certain fanfic group to attack constantly, pretending to be honest readers, when in fact these have not bought the book, I know how many were sold, and since all used the same book I would have made a lot of money off these "reviewers" if they had bought it. I would say there is something wrong with a group who acts in this fashion, you can not like something without going to such extent. Obesessed sounds about right. Why is this? A writer can't make everyone reader happy, and that is fine.

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I have written other books, coming out next year, including this one rewritten, edited. This book is not available, and it was my choice. I don't want anyone to buy it either, wait for the new version. As an author I believe in my writing, as any author does.

But personal attacks that really have nothing to do with the book, well that isn't nice at all. The comments show the reviewers don't really know the book at all. The story itself.

Review: night travels of the elven vampire

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