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Old fashioned marriage discipline, Filipina Old fashioned marriage discipline hunt for male for love

Old fashioned marriage discipline is different then it is today. In the old days couples would deal with the problems a lot different than they would today.

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The husband and wife should live to serve each other, but most of all, they should live to serve God. Even the most submissive of wives will test you from time to time. These tests might be intentional, or they might be subconscious, but the purpose of these tests are to ensure that she is safe in your leadership.

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Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to using the Contact link below. Register. Category: Marriage. Want to keep my wife in the old fashioned mode Wondering how to keep wife in the old fashioned mode?

Checkout the responses by experts on this. I am 37 years man, very sober, simple, disciplined and educated and I hate fashionism of today's world. I also hate dry flaunting hair of ladies. You can think I am fetish but I cannot help it.

I have married about 6 months ago and I keep my wife in full discipline. I personally oil her hair daily and make them slicked back. What should I do if she resists? How should I deal with her because upto today she is listening to me despite being irritated? Till now I have managed with some of my anger, but how it should be run regularly?

Do not suggest that I need to change and become liberal. Experts please suggest. Points: 3. Since the author got married at a mature age of about 37 years, his spouse is also likely to be in the same age bracket. In this age group, it becomes more challenging to totally transforms the habits and likings and preference. First of all, a target should be set that all efforts will be made through persuasive approach only without use of any kind of pressure tactics.

It will help in keeping the marriage cordial. Patience is required and adjustments by both the partners will Old fashioned marriage discipline to be maintained. Regular efforts using love and affections only as a tool may help in the long run. Points: 8. Marriage is a relationship between two individuals and in today's day and age both partners are equal.

Want to keep my wife in the old fashioned mode

Being a male does not give you the right to dictate how your wife should dress. I am sorry, but this is regressive attitude. Your wife neither is a subordinate or a slave nor is she your property. She is as equal a partner in your marriage as you are. So, please desist in controlling and dominating her, if you want your marriage to work. Tell her what you like; don't force your views on her. Let the way she dresses be her decision.

Don't threaten or use force and anger to get what you want. You cannot behave like in a toy shop. If you love and respect your wife enough you will give her space and let her live the way she wants to. You might like oily hair, but what of her likes.

Don't you care what she wants or like? I am not suggesting that you change and become liberal. All I ask you is to treat your life partner the way you would want to be treated. You do not want to change your ways and expect someone else to change for you. Is that acceptable? Think about it.

Your wife is not a piece of furniture that you can upholster according to your wishes. Please give her the love and dignity she deserves. Points: 4. The today's world is becoming more fashionable and people like you and me are becoming rare, who resist fashion because it is a false show off, to impress people who are at all not concerned with what you should or should not do. Talking of relationships, spouses should be more concerned of their mutual feelings, respect and honor instead of thinking more about the outside world.

Give and take always occurs and why should it not for peaceful coexistence. But none of the two should enforce his or her views on the spouse. Giving respect means caring for your partner's likes and dislikes in a considerate manner that doesn't violate the social norms too.

So in my view, people who tend to be more fashionable all the time outside their homes need not be so. They should instead focus more on building mutual trust, love and caring relationship by dressing and making up for each other.

Points: 5. To enter into marriage contract with your partner does not empower to show your dominance and such aggressive behaviour would result in a strained relationship. To have Old fashioned marriage discipline healthy - relationship, we need to reevaluate some basic qualities essential for sustenance of congenial relationship.

Mutual trust, a caring attitude of the opposite partner and a proper understanding of the emotions of each partner are some of the key points for nurturing the relationship. There are certain areas where there is no question of being right or wrong. This too is applicable with respect to concept of Fashion. Some like to apply perfumed oil on a regular basis, where as certain sections may use the oil twice a week prior to retirement to bread and on the next morning, the hair is subjected to Shamoo.

These are purely the choices of individuals. I did not make out your statement that you want to make your wife being sober and old - fashioned.

Being sober is somewhat different than being old - fashioned. Let her allow to do the things in her own way without having unnecessary pressure from your side. This would foster the natural love between you two partners. You must allow to initiate a frank dialogue and can justify your point with some logic and the same should be applicable to her.

It would a better idea to mend the ways of her own rather than forcing her to act as per your desire. Points: 2.

Thank you members for replying on this so called weird topicbut I am sorry I cant get my answer or you all people cant get my question. My question is how can I bring variety in my wife looks with my choice of oiled slicked hairs and loose clothesthere is nothing like dominance or violence or forcing her out its a mutual decision.

Why do you think you have the right to decide the dress code of your wife, who is herself a mature and adult woman?

Does marriage give you this right? Always remember: as a life partner, you can convey your likes and dislikes to your wife and you can only give suggestions, you can't take every decision on behalf of your wife. After all, it is her life and personal choice. Points: 0.

Ali, do you think what are you doing comes under ambit of compatibility? So please dont take me otherwise your suggestions are welcome. No further comment, Mr. Now I am sure that our views on the issue would never match. Yes Mr Ali, I could understand your stand and at the same time some of our friends shown their views or suggestion. All are right in their way. As for as my view in this context is concerned you can praise your wife in all occasion whenever she wearing loose dresses. It is indeed that you love your wife very much so, you can say that you are looking so beautiful in loose dresses and your oily hair is glittering and looking pretty too.

Most important is praising should be real and reasonable.

Traditional marriage

Every wife get joy whenever praised by their husband. By seeing you in happy mood she will also love wearing loose dresses as you like. As the time passes you both will enjoy the life in the same way as you desired. Points: 1.