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Once upon a time rock trolls, Extrovert Once upon a time rock trolls seek friend to relationship

The first connection starts with Belle. In her past, she and her mom were attacked by ogres. As the creatures bore down on her and her mom, apparently Belle blacks out.

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True Love! Characters who almost never change outfits! Pointless quests! Hunts for hats! And some absolutely fabulous sets, darlings!

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Kristoff Bjorgman's Jonathan Groff backstory in Frozen includes being raised by trolls, but how did he come upon these magical creatures in the first place? He was first seen in the film's opening scene as a small child following an ice team with his beloved reindeer Sven.

One could tell from his enthusiasm how much he wanted to be a part of the team, but the sight of Arendelle's royal family rushing by distracted him. Following their caravan, he ended up in the Valley of the Living Rock, home of the magical rock trolls.

A female troll named Bulda found the adorable pair, who she quickly decided to "keep" as her own. Kristoff and Sven's decision to stay with Bulda and the trolls is never explained in Frozen. From the opening "Frozen Heart" scene alone, it could easily be assumed that Kristoff was a relative to one of the ice harvesters. Frozen 's benevolent trolls certainly would not kidnap unlike the trolls found in Norse mythologywhich the movie draws from.

Kristoff seemingly grew up among them happily and freely, and even as an adult, he valued his found family in spite of their eccentricities. The confusion of Kristoff's backstory was cleared by Frozen 's director, Jennifer Leein interviews.

She confirmed that Kristoff was an orphan at the start of Frozenand not related to the ice team from its opening. He always loved the outdoors, and refused to stay within the confines of the orphanage, and preferred to watch the ice harvesters or hike out in Arendelle's vast wooded landscape instead. His childhood wandering led to him meeting Sven for the first time.

Kristoff being raised by the rock trolls was a product of his own curiosity leading him to them. His exact reason for staying is unknown, but it can be inferred that he would prefer their company over staying in the orphanage because of their open-air forest dwelling. Love is one the trolls' core values, as demonstrated in the "Fixer Upper"and they were quick to shower young Kristoff with it.

Growing up amongst them, he learned troll customs and traditions, including their coming-of-age ritual, which he continued to value as an adult. However, it is unknown whether or not Kristoff himself underwent his own rite of passage.

Despite Frozen making his emotional connection to his adoptive family clear, Kristoff's biological parents remain a mystery. They received little acknowledgement in Frozen II or any of the franchise's spin-off books, leading fans to theorize he could possibly be related to the Northuldra people seen in the sequel.

'ouat' answers what happened between belle & anna

They were shown to have the same affection for reindeer as Kristoff, but the question of any deeper connection was left open-ended. Much of Frozen 's related media has unveiled new pieces of Anna and Elsa's backstories, and with the franchise's continued popularity, it will likely continue to expand.

There is certainly room for Kristoff's origins to get the spotlight in the future. She is a current third year Biology student at the University of California, Los Angeles who loves science fiction as much as real science.

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When she isn't studying, she's reading comics, watching movies, and writing her own short stories. By Kristen Abernathy Published Mar 06, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics SR Originals frozen.