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There is one group who were omnipresent and pivotal during the poppiest years of the British 70s, one group who were always there, who never missed a beat. One group who were always on Top Of The Pops.

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Induction into the group required, however, that Sarah drop out of school, which was precisely what she did, despite pronounced parental trepidation. No one could have predicted then that this risky move would, in time, pay off so handsomely for Sarah and her legions of fans. So raunchy were the routines that they actually incurred the wrath of morality watchdog groups. Sarah replaced Cherry Gilespie and the ironic thing was that she only went along to the audition in order to provide some moral support for her friend. Sarah and her five colleagues recently turned down an opportunity to fly to Greece to pose on a yacht for the sex magazine Penthouse.

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Pan’s people

What were they? Back in the days before videos or promotional films, to use the technical termTOTP employed a troupe of young dancers to offer visual entertainment when an artist couldn't appear on the show.

The first of these were three and later six young ladies known as the Go-Jos. Eventually, Top of the Pops decided to have their own exclusive set of dancers and along came Pan's People.

Who were they? Flick found it tough being in the band and being the choreographer and eventually retreated to working only behind the scenes. Andi left to have a baby in and was replaced by Cherry Gillespie.

InLouise left to get married, she was replaced by Sue Menhenick. Babs also left to get married in August ' When were they on? Their first appearance was in April Often, Flick would have only a few hours in which to dream up a routine, leading to some humourously literal dance moves.

They survived for an astonishing eight years before they felt it was time to call it a day. What happened to them? They were initially replaced by Ruby Flipper, who were managed by Flick and Ruth.

Louise married a millionaire from Sheffield with a house in Marbella. Flick returned to New York and ran a gift shop for a few years.

The Pan girls are still very close; the bond that brought them together in the '60s has made them lifelong friends. Home Explore the BBC. This has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about archiving.

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