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Just like a regular massage in a spa, penis massage is a form of therapy. But the benefits are far more profound than physical pleasure and relaxing muscles.

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Penetration during sex is only the tip of the iceberg. Sex can mean so many more things. Oral sex, dry humping, extended foreplay, playing with different positions- this world is truly vast can you can use it to your advantage.

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Just like a regular massage in a spa, penis massage is a form of therapy. But the benefits are far more profound than physical pleasure and relaxing muscles. When done properly, with intention and the right perspective, penis massage can become a transcendental psychological and spiritual healing ceremony. The ritual of a penis massage is meant to bring healing, pleasure, and connection for both the giver and receiver — within themselves and between each other.

Benefits of penis massage

The point is not ejaculation and orgasm. What really holds a penis massage together is feeling an element of the sacred. Sacredness is a feeling of intention, honour, the special, the mystical, and divine. This shows in everything from our pornography to the basic labels we use for sex and sex parts. It all carries a hollow, carnal tone; serving the egotistical purposes of gratification, ownership, submission and domination.

Want to encourage even more depth in your relationship?

A penis massage is a vehicle you can use to take your man to that far-too-seldom seen place. But before you even start, there are some important things you the giver need to be mentally equipped with…. Everything you do is communicating something. The essential approach the giver should have can be summarized by three letters…. The sincere energy of tender, loving care is basically all you need to hold in your heart, mind, and body.

Throughout the penis massage, you can even imagine yourself sending loving feelings and thoughts into his genitals. He will feel it through everything you do. This is an extremely rare energy for a man to receive toward his penis, which is why it is so deeply healing. Very few men have ever received sacred, focused attention on this part of their body. In his world, his cock, and his sexuality, are usually regarded with as much care as a fast-food takeout window ultimately, just a means to a superficial end.

But when someone enters the picture and approaches his genitals with TLC, it short-circuits his brain in the best possible way. The pattern is interrupted. He is also relieved of all pressure and duty to perform, which is usually stitched into every moment of his sexual experience. With this loving energy, penis massage can be highly therapeutic and powerfully healing — especially if he has any sexual traumaor a history of abuse, or struggles with erectile dysfunction.

I honour you. He is highly self-conscious about Penis tip massage penis itself and what it symbolizes, which is his manhood. So, even the thought of receiving a penis massage can bring up fear and anxiety for him at first.

It will be foreign for him to just receive. It will challenge any issues he may have with shame and worthiness. But he has the opportunity to sit back and allow, and melt through it all. He has to let it go and surrender into a state of vulnerability, where he can feel accepted and loved. Prepare for the possibility that he might have a spontaneous emotional release.

Some women have been surprised to see their man, who rarely tends to crysuddenly burst into tears. Ideally, you will, which will help the healing process. But he may need a bit of a break. There is nothing you have to do besides say what you like and when to slow down. It can be weird at first. But just watch your mind and continue to imagine yourself melting and sinking. Let yourself go and relax into the experience. Stay in your body and focus on every little physical sensation. The temperature in the air.

Each little stroke.

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The subtle ripples of pleasure up your abdomen and down your legs. Because our brains are so wired to link any touching of the penis with the gratification of ejaculation. That said, if you do cum, it will likely be incredible. But the main message is: climax is not the point of a penis massage. When something feels amazing — say so.

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Sadness is the most common. Do your best not to clamp down on these emotions when they start bubbling up. These are very old trapped pockets of emotion that have been waiting to be flushed out for years. Allow yourself to emote, cry, or whatever might want to happen. A lot of people will even go as far as renting or borrowing, if you can a massage table to set up in their home for the night.

As the giver, make sure you also have cushions for your knees, or butt, or pull a chair up to the edge of the bed, so you can feel comfortable and present too. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Coconut oil is your one go-to as your massage oil. Bonus points for warming it up a bit before you use it! Intentionally connecting with each other will take this experience far deeper than regular massage. For total relaxation, the best practice is to give a full body massage before jumping straight into the penis massage.

Begin by inviting him to lay face down. Take at least minutes to slowly massage his back, neck, arms, hands, glutes, thighs, calves, and feet. Get your communication sparked here by checking in on the pressure and having him tell you what he likes. This will be crucial in the next stage. Just hold that energy of TLC and let your body naturally do the rest. You could look up a few how-to videos if you really want to.

Once he feels dropped into his body, have him slowly turn over and spend another minutes massaging his chest, thighs, and belly. Spend a little focus on his inner thighs Penis tip massage to either side of his penis. This will promote blood flow and pelvic relaxation, which intensifies the experience.

At this point, he will have fully switched gears from the day and be ready to receive the next step of the proper penis massage. Now, take a moment to really be present with his genitals.

Give them your full, loving attention. Verbalize three things that you adore about them. It could be the size, shape, colour, hair, scent, taste, or anything else that you love about them. It is the most beautiful penis I have ever seen and I love it just as much as I love you.

Many men have had negative experiences in their sexual history related to how other people interacted with their genitals, so this step should NOT be skipped. There is a lot of healing potential here for the receiver. Take your time and really mean whatever you say. Place a flat palm of one hand over his genitals and the other hand over his heart. Remain here for at least a full minute, while syncing up your breaths, and encouraging him to breathe deeply into the bottom of his belly.

Want to encourage even more depth in your relationship?

Come back here any time he needs a break, and when you end the massage. Making ample time to be in the home position allows him to start to re-build the bridge between his heart and his genitals which benefits him as an individual, and it also benefits your sex life, assuming you are in sexual relationship with each other. It also feels deeply comforting and nurturing, which inspires a sense of safety and vulnerability leading into the penis massage.

Remind him that this penis massage is about him and his pleasure. Invite him to ask for anything he needs to feel more comfortable, and to let you know which of the touches feel good, so you can spend more time with them. But be sure to check in often as well. When you transition to using a new move, check in to see how he likes it.

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The penis is remarkably tough, in terms of the pressure it can handle, which surprises most women. Always err on the side of gentle, but ask about the pressure to see if he wants more. Some spots will be very sensitive. Other areas will be able to Penis tip massage all your finger strength. One caveat here: a lot of guys are used to maximum pressure and speed, in order to race to orgasm. So keep note not to go hard all the time. Most of the time it should be SLOW and more on the gentler side of the spectrum. To give you both an idea of what kind of timeline to expect, the actual penis massage itself should take about 30 minutes.

Take it nice and easy. Once in a while, speed up briefly to emphasize some pleasure. But again, this is not about racing towards a climax or necessarily bringing him to a climax at all. By the way, you have permission to improvise. Not all of these techniques might be home runs for him. Or they might be on another day.