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Baakar, a year-old doctor who was recently released after his family paid the group a large sum of ransom money, is one of many Yemenis, including journalists, who have been arbitrarily arrested and tortured by the Iran-backed militia that took over Sanaa in Baakar says he was initially detained in Sanaa in November after treating a rebel who fought the Houthis.

While his family was unaware of his whereabouts for months before they were eventually told, Baakar says he was taken to a series of unidentified prisons and tortured in various ways. I was hung by my wrists from the ceiling and left in my own faeces and urine to rot.

I lost consciousness from the sheer amount of pain. Baakar encountered fellow prisoners who had lost their eyesight or become severely ill inside Houthi detention centres.

They were bleeding around their feet, and their wounds from the chains had become infected with puss and worms. I was hung from the ceiling by my wrists and left in my own faeces and urine to rot.

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In that prison, I felt like I was already dead. The Houthi armed group Penis torture story controlled large parts of Yemen since late In conjunction with forces loyal to the late and deposed President Ali Abdullah Salehas well as state security and intelligence agencies, the group has arbitrarily arrested, detained and disappeared its opponents, as well as tortured and mistreated detainees, reported Amnesty International in February. The Saudi-led campaign, supported by the UAE, has also resulted in massive civilian casualties — with weddings, hospitals and funerals attacked. Although many documented cases are in Houthi-controlled areas, the issue of arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and torture is not happening exclusively in Houthi prisons, according to HRW.

While human rights groups inside and outside of Yemen have been able to record many cases of torture in detention, they have also documented some cases of deaths in custody. The association is looking into the death in custody of Muhammed Ghurab, a year-old pharmacist from Sanaa who was detained four years ago and reportedly died in Houthi prisons last week.

His mother nearly passed out from what she saw. In addition to torture in detention, systematic kidnapping and imprisonment are widely reported in Houthi-controlled areas.

The case of Abdel Hadi al-Shami, 38, who was released about a month ago after a two-year stint in Houthi prisons, is one example of the many who were disappeared and tortured by the Houthis. Al-Shami, a sheikh leader of the Arhab tribe, one of the most prominent tribes in Sanaa, said his family was unaware of his whereabouts for five months before they came to visit him for the first time.

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Al-Shami was released as part of a prisoner exchange deal between his tribe and the Houthis and, a month later, still complains of the effects of the torture he experienced in detention. The Houthi crackdown on opponents has affected a wide range of opposition forces, but activists and journalists have been specifically targeted.

It these tactics have helped them control the narrative coming out [of Sanaa]. Among those documented by human rights organisations is the case of Yousif Ajlan, a year-old former journalist for Al-Masdar news website in Sanaa, who was detained in October for more than a year. Ajlan, who now lives in Istanbul, said he was released in November as part of a prisoner exchange agreed between the Houthis and the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The Houthis had forced him to stop working as a journalist a few months prior to his abduction, but he was still taken anyway, he said. Sanaa is now empty of journalists. By Arwa Ibrahim. Published On 10 Jun More from Features. Palestine underground: A new face for local radio.

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