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Penn and teller bullshit episodes, I liked hunting for somebody who Penn and teller bullshit episodes bangs

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Network: Showtime. In society, there are many products and ideas that we buy into. Some of these products, services or ideas are just plain bullshit. Well known magicians: Penn and Teller are here to knock some sense into people in a humorous and informal way and to explain why some things in life are just bullshit. Politicians and other alarmists claim that playing violent video games le to teen violence. Penn and Teller take a skeptical look at New Age medicine and its outrageous, unsupported claims of healing despite a heap of evidence that it doesn't work.

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The show was always a fun watch, if sometimes misinformed. Although a lot of their episodes made great points. I never really respected what cheerleaders do until I saw their episode about them. Agree on this.

Also I guess the influence of getting older applies, this show was great for me to watch when I was in my teenage years, because teenagers are who they are mainly appealing to. So it's natural not to be as excited about it anymore. I haven't seen the cheerleading episode in ages, but just finished rewatching it. I'd forgotten how brutal it was. The paralyzed former cheerleader was heartbreaking. Even more so when her dad just broke down crying.

I agree with them on pretty much every issue except the death penalty, which i'm on the fence about. And gun control, which is an issue I can't bring myself to pick a side on.

Episode list

Love this show. I don't agree with all of their points of view, but find I agree much more often then not and when I don't, it does force me to make sure my point of view stands up. Good on you.

The world needs more introspective, open-minded people such as yourself. There were a few when I disagreed with the overall stance, but that is life. There were one or two that seemed badly weighted in the points of view taken the one on recycling was based on a very dubious set of simplifications of the arguement which made me call "bullshit! But at least when they are wrong in my opinion they are entertaining while being wrong, and the whole point is to engage critical thinking rather than beleiving what you are spoon-fed so if everyone agreed with them all the time I'd hope they'd not be happy with that.

I feel the same way. One in particular was the Martial Arts episode. I'm a real enthusiast when it comes to all sorts of disciplines, but throughout that whole episode I was like "Well shit, I can't really argue with that". Yupp, So when I saw this "headline" I was hoping the episodes had been ed in better quality. But sadly that was not the case. Ok people if you're going to say they're wrong about stuff all the time can you point to some specifics?

The taxes episode didn't fairly represent progressive taxation, like, at all. They did a bunch of 'man on the street' interviews and presented it as the official argument for progressive taxation. They can be way off the mark on some bigger issues Penn and teller bullshit episodes I feel like a lot of people here are generalizing the whole show off of that. They still have some interesting episodes backed up in fact that are very entertaining. Hell, there's probably a few episodes the people viciously attacking it would agree with.

It really depends on the topic. Anything involving the supernatural is probably good although offensive to the select few.

Penn and teller

When I say supernatural, I don't mean religion, I mean the way out there stuff. Holier Than Thou is good since it's about historical fact of a few people we place on a pedastal. I really enjoyed the Nostalgia episode a lot and the lighter episodes along those lines although I can't remember them. Basically, all the more frivolous episodes where that's not much room for error and provides way for comedy as comedy is the whole point of the show.

Every episode of penn & teller's bullshit is up on youtube!

To be honest, I tend to avoid the bigger topics as it's not the show to watch for that kind of thing it usually lacks on the comedy side. Really, it's a comedy show. Don't watch if you're easily persuaded or very easily offended and will flock to complain about it. If you see some topics you are already informed on or don't believe in, watch it for a laugh, or if you can poke fun at yourself, watch it for a laugh.

Their 'Global Warming is probably a hoax, but even if it isn't you shouldn't worry about because you'll be dead' episode is pretty embarrassing.

Also I remember they thought they were being clever once by having people a petition against 'dihydrogen oxide' water. I couldn't believe how amazingly stupid their Americans with Disabilities Act episode was. It's not about compassion it's about not being discriminatory.

The best episodes of penn & teller: bullshit!

I'm an architect and deing so that I don't make the lives of people with mobility issues more difficult is not a burden. Do you know what's a burden? Being confined to a wheelchair and not having any options besides stairs at a public building.

Here's their problem: They're libertarians and they can't stand the thought that government might be useful in areas besides police, military, and courts. Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best.

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