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Phil phantom asstr, I'm seek guy that Phil phantom asstr flirts

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My age: 31
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Author's Profile. Andrea Fanning found herself locked in a battle of wills with a most formidable adversary: a smooth-operating, silver-tongued, devilishly handsome photographer determined to win Andrea's lovely eleven-year-old daughter, Candice Fanning, over to his side. That was the side of hedonism, exhibitionism, lesbianism, and Marxism -- to replace virgin Catholicism and honor-roll-ism.

First day, round one, the commie bastard was winning with the score being:. Andrea saw it that way, because Drake shared a bachelor pad with two other career student sexual predators; predators who think they know everything, and think they can score on any female, married or minor, and easily score on both with superior intellect and strategy. Those three were part of a larger group of over two dozen -- with eighteen planning to be present through the summer.

Drake Devon, their leader hero says, "American females are so easy to bed; why wed? Cocky bastards were all Americans, too, from wealthy families, all spoiled-rotten products of capitalism. First day of summer session, sharing a philosophy class with Drake, also being part of their "group," deemed worthy of ing them in "their" cozy corner in Phil phantom asstr student union cafeteria to "cerebrally masturbate" between classes, or during lunch, or before classes, or after the last.

There was always someone from "the group" to sit and talk to, but the talk was either socialist utopia or sexual hedonism. Sexual hedonism put the utopia in the socialist model. Andrea absolutely hated eating alone, being alone, waiting alone, and so much of her schedule was waiting.

Phil phantom story collection

The "group" was a godsend until the mostly male group challenged Drake to apply his American female dictum to his new friend Andrea -- and to her preteen daughter, Candy. That was morning of day one just a few minutes after her introduction, and still Andrea clung to the group, partly because Drake stood no chance and stood absolutely no chance with Candy.

One could not fault the desire: with exceptional, long, full, wavy brunette hair - a mane - enough hair to make three long-hair wigs for three adult women, the adorable Candice was a modern-era wood nymph. She was a lovely girl, very pretty, whose idea of a good time was running around naked on a golf course until they eventually caught the mythical creature in a trap, identified her, and parents were called down to the country club to bail her out of country club jail.

She also came home with over a hundred and fifty bucks for ing men's balls at a buck a ball.

Best man for the bride

She even ed a few golf balls. If you think that hellish prison broke her of the habit, think again. Getting caught was payday, but after a few paydays, they stopped treating this as a cute lark. The cure was being turned over to the real police and being bailed out of the juvenile detention center with a three-year probation.

Caught naked in public again, she serves the remainder of her time. All she had to do was get through this summer and she'd be free, having paid her debt to society. The nymph's mother, a rare beauty in her own right, also a green-eyed brunette, preferred to wear her hair short and simple: hassle-free hair; serious hair, professional career hair, teacher hair.

Shave them both, put them side by side, one could easily see they were mother and daughter. The hair made the two look unrelated; well, hair and disposition. The mother being up-tight, reserved, modest, and conservative. The child was the opposite Phil phantom asstr free as a bird, naked as a jaybird much of the time, and with fingers in her gooey baby-pussy.

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One wondered how Andrea Fanning came by suchbecause Wade Fanning was not exactly the outgoing thrill seeker, not even an outdoorsie type. Obtuse recluse and self-proclaimed HO scale model train expert was hardly the type to mate with an hot Andrea type -- nor to produce any type of Candy. If any of them stood any chance with that happily married mother of four who was at least twice as mature and ten years older than anyone else in the "group," that person was Drake, the one closest to her age at twenty five. He was less than ten years younger than Andrea.

At least Phil phantom asstr was brutally handsome: bright, witty, warm, friendly, charming, talented, sexy, and wanted her very badly. He wanted Candy worse, but wanted Andrea badly, and the two together was the objective. That objective was stated clearly, in the parking lot upon arrival, he coming from behind to get between them -- with arms around both -- and state, "Don't we make a great threesome - two brunette cookies with a creamy blonde center.

The gorgeous young man continued: "This would look great naked, on a big bed with black satin sheets. There's a big mirror on the ceiling if you two lovelies would like to see what that looks like.

Hedonism, exhibitionism, marxism and trains

I have enough cock for the both of yo -- and balls, you won't believe the balls, cock and balls, so waddya say we ditch the day and make a memory or some gorgeous blue-green-eyed babies? Andrea had heard unique opening pick-up lines in her day, but that took the prize -- just the standard mother daughter pick-up line, used by those who had nothing to fear, and were well endowed with the right type of Phil phantom asstr and bedding.

That hunk did nothing but impress that wood nymph. As for the terribly mature adult student open to the idea of a summer fling -- with a mandate to get laid -- the guy, the bed, and bedding was perfect. Actually, Drake Devon stood an excellent chance; Andrea's primary motivation in attending a summer session toward her masters was to get laid by someone other than Wade. Fifteen years of fucking the same man the exact same way once each week was driving that drop-dead gorgeous elementary school teacher right up a fucking wall.

Yes, a masters in education would help, but the happy marriage needed an affair.

Andrea was like a writer with writer's block. Wade was an editor with a deadline. Andrea was the problem, but the solution wasn't sex on a weekly schedule. That does get a man laid at least once per week, but he gets sex with a woman who simply lies there and gets screwed.

Strona domowa włodzimierza gogłozy

A healthy sex life required a healthy woman -- one who went after sex, hounded her man at times and in places he would least expect it. A sexual predator wife was what the Fanning marriage needed, all agreed -- but they had been in agreement for over ten years, with nothing to show for it except agreement.

A summer fling was exactly what that marriage needed -- and, like Candy's golf thing, one that was discovered, exposed, whined about, and cried over might just be precisely what the marriage needed. Wade took entirely too much for granted. Candy's desperate cry for sexual attention worked wonders for her. That did prove she was not a little girl anymore, although she still was when her career as a nymph ended abruptly.

Andrea needed something on that order. Wade assumed far too much.

For one, he foolishly assumed that cheating simply was not in Andrea. Couldn't do it - needn't worry - could never confess adultery - couldn't sit in church as an unrepentant sinner - couldn't live life without church. So why worry? So now she had a summer of classes, even night classes, heavy load, sure, why not, no problem, go, learn, enjoy. He should not have said "get laid," not even as a joke. If that weren't enough of a hi-how-are-you, Drake has the balls to say, "You can put me down for at least one rear mount and one frontal assault, because I'm walking these American beauties to their American car.

If that weren't enough, she had Candy along because the soon-to-be junior-high student wanted to see what college was like.

After meeting him, britney becomes a slave for ryan.

She saw what it was like, but she did not see that cocky man walk her mother to her car and rear mount her. No way would she be seeing that. Andrea took her home first, then went back to be walked to her car after her last class, there to be rear mounted.

Not that it wasn't obvious and terribly embarrassing why they were ditching the last class on the first day to rush the child home -- only to rush back to appear to be coming out of that last class, meeting Drake at the Union so as to be walked to a car that was parked way out where one could be rear mounted, though she wasn't quite sure what that meant exactly. She assumed doggie style in one or the other holes, one being virgin and doggie style being her preferred mount -- as long as it wasn't by a real dog, although before returning to school, she did give the unthinkable plenty of thought.

One thing you can say in favor of dogs: they don't need to be talked into doing it doggie style.

They can act the part more convincingly than any man. Two things, then. Andrea didn't want to explain any of this to Candy, but Candy only wanted to talk about one thing all the way home, and that was everything about why.

Andrea brought curious Candy on the first day because Phil phantom asstr was so sure nothing would happen on the first day, hoping to satisfy her child's curiosity before a lover came into the picture. It was almost like Phil phantom asstr stood waiting for them. They met in the parking lot, and he decided to sit in on Andrea's first class - crash it with Candy. They were crashers, so they sat together in the theater seats of a large lecture hall, Drake getting between mother and daughter, would not stop talking, and were talking about that sexy mother. Andrea could not stop listening, with burning ears and flushed features -- and with that young man's hand stroking indecently high up a bare leg because he asked the daughter if she thought that would be a good first move.

Candy said YES! Drake got up to Andrea's panties, but that was to prove him wrong. He had a bet with Candy that there were none, just a shaved bald pussy with a clit stud or ring. After overhearing that, Andrea had to let him know how wrong he was and how right Candy was. After he was sure beyond any doubt, even about the hair, he LIED and told Candy that he won; she lost. After that, they met "the group," spent two long embarrassing yet invigorating hours with "the group": a lewd lunch, and then another hour debauch in discussion in the afternoon.

The group loved tales of the fabled country club wood nymph, the greens streaker who made balls sticky n' stinky like pussy, an enterprising lass who made a killing ing men's balls; who could swallow more cum than any golfing foursome could produce.

Being an ex-con still on probation made her a big hit. All of that group time, adoration, and attention didn't do anything but raise Candy's ego, boost her confidence, and up her curiosity level to a point where questions came with a demand for answers, the first being, "Why are we ditching the last class?