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Pokemon transformation fanfiction lemon, Filipine girl Pokemon transformation fanfiction lemon friend to naughties

June 26,

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. KielTheJolteon hide bio. My name's Kiel, and Im a Jolteon! Thats all Im gonna say for now.

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General Rating. Download Submission. Support them by sending some Shinies their way! File type : OpenOffice Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. A hiss of a soda can opened sounded out as the young adult let out a long, depression-laid sigh. Yet another day of being home alone and here he was, getting a can of Sprite out of the fridge to quench his thirst. The bottom of the can for some reason was deformed slightly, barely noticeable bumps circling around it but the man brushed it off as a very minor factory mishap.

He walked around the kitchen, lightly swirling the can he held as he gazed outside via a window that was above the sink. It was currently night time, a waning crescent moon providing a minor bit of light on the world past the window.

Once he stopped the motion to the can, the man took a small swig of it, the taste buds on his tongue easily being greeted by the carbonated liquid that rested inside the small metal can. However, the flavor of it was…off for him. He really couldn't pin it, but he felt that the lemon and lime flavors of the beverage were enhanced, or it could be a possible test on a tertiary flavor in the soda.

Despite such, it did make the beverage taste better overall, quite a lot more so actually. There was a slight itch on his arm, something he just absentmindedly scratched out. The feeling was gone for a moment, but easily came back, earning another scratch. A third time it came back and yet a third scratch was the response, though the man winced slightly as this one practically cut him.

The Pokemon transformation fanfiction lemon that was guilty of the wound — or rather, the fingernail of it — had a rather nasty-looking point to it. What was more worrisome is that it was both a metallic silver, and it was slowly growing to encompass the tip of the finger.

The man could only watch with a very blank, if not slightly wide-eyed expression, trying to register what he was seeing.

His eyes darted down to the wounded area, a bit of crimson having gotten out and stained a small portion of snow white fur that was growing around it. The wound itself was closed though, so it wasn't stinging him, slowly looking back up to his hand.

He took a step back from the sink, feeling the itchiness of the fur spreading along his arms and hands, all the while the tingling continuing on in his neck. He wanted to try and clear his throat, but he couldn't do so since his lungs were somehow not cooperating with him. The fur continued to trail up his arm, though seemed to be growing at a rather rapid rate around the middle of them especially, the man lifting his arms up to try and watch such.

Each strand of fur seemed to interweave with each other, forming some kind of veil or blanket with them, each impossibly smooth to the touch when he brushed a fur-covered finger against it. The feeling in his throat started to subside, seeing the short sleeves of his shirt starting to bulge from the fur growing underneath, only able to let out a staggered breath in shock from such. The tone of it was not even masculine anymore, rather it came out feminine, a tone that sounded very soothing to his ears but nonetheless alien to him.

He even felt the fur growing in from underneath his hand, keeping it there as he had no idea on what to do, his mouth twitching from the tickling on his torso. He did not want to start laughing at the event, easily putting down any desire to laugh or even smirk, the fur spreading down his torso faster than up his neck. When it started to reach around his waist though, he felt an extremely odd feeling around that general area, though his eyes widened when he no longer felt a form of weight around the groin area.

The claws hooked in between the cloth and flesh, easily tearing through the former as he slowly pulled it out. His head tilted down and eyes slowly opened, seeing that there was nothing there other than smoothed out, fur-covered flesh. His only of manhood was gone, nothing in its place.

His attention though, was brought to a pair of growing weights around his chest area, his spine having to slowly exert more force to just keep upright. The altering humans gaze looked down at such, freezing at the sight of his — or her — chest expanding out in a pair of lumps. Each second they grew, adding more weight to them and more pressure to her spine, grunting as she had to cope with sudden back pain now from such.

Her eyes looked at the can she drank out of and quickly snatched it up, getting a bit of the fizzy beverage splashing out and onto her arm fur.

However, she ended up dropping it when her face started to erupt in pain, clenching it with her hands as she grunted from the stinging. Her face started to slowly pull out from a little below the nose, feeling the bones inside reshaping themselves in the process. The feeling of something getting loose in her mouth prompted her to open her, hearing something — or rather somethings — clacking against the hardwood floor.

When she looked though, she saw the shapes of fully grown human teeth strewn about on the ground. Her teeth that were now outside of her mouth and left her practically toothless. Before she could even try to question it, she felt nearly three dozen spikes inside her jaw, crying out from such as she felt sharpened canines and fangs growing in place.

The face soon stopped pulling out as the skull had fully taken the shape of that similar to a canine. The pain inside the mouth stopped shortly after, though blood was seeping out from the sides, staining the fur along the underside of the mouth.

Her breathing was growing heavy from the aftermath, not feeling her hair on top of her head starting to change from oak brown to snow white, starting to grow out into two wispy Pokemon transformation fanfiction lemon lengthy manes. Her gaze soon looked back downward, noticing that the bust she now had had stopped growing but was rather focused on the legs since she started to feel them change as well. She ended up screaming out when she felt her shins snapped with a rather sickening sound.

It was enough to make her stumble slightly, the rug she was on — having lost the adhesive underside long ago — slipping underneath her and making her smack her chin on the edge of the sink. She slammed down onto the floor, the impact thankfully cushioned by her bust but nonetheless still stung since the underside of her snout smacked into the floor, splattering a bit of blood around. Since she wasn't able to watch, she could only guess what was happening, the legs having obviously changed from their current stance to something similar but not quite.

She felt them continue on down towards her feet, though her attention was brought to her spine starting to seemingly lengthen, grunting as she felt it pressing against the sleepwear she still had on. She had practically forgotten about the clothes she had on, though soon started to wince when the pressure the elastic band on the shorts was starting to get to an uncomfortable amount.

Knowing that it would take a lot of pressure to even tear it, she weakly raised a hand up and pointed a claw at the fabric, prodding it close to the tip of her forming tail to try and tear it enough to release. Thankfully, she didn't have to do it for too long, feeling the pressure very quickly let up as the rear of the shorts snapped back against her body, a hole as thick as the tail in its place and around the base of it.

A small sigh of relief came out from her, now noticing that she felt no other changes to her legs, realizing that the tail was so important that it made her forget about her legs.

Even though she was still a bit disoriented from the fall, she managed to glance back at the tail, seeing even more fur spread out of it and weave. What was odd though was a pair of metal rings forming around it, wincing as she felt several more pieces of metal form on her; A thin plate at the back of each hand, and a pair of rings around her neck, thankfully loose enough to where she wouldn't notice them easily. Once those had come to be, she felt the changes slowly coming to a stop, feeling a thick tuft of fur from the tail resting right in between the two on her head.

The chub around her belly and thick arms and legs seemed to melt away, thinning them easily and thankfully without any pain, if only quite a bit of discomfort. Her mind went into a near-state of panic at such, thinking she was going to just wither away Pokemon transformation fanfiction lemon where she was at. However, it didn't even last that long, nor did she get as frail as she feared, feeling the 'fat-burning' slow to a stop. With some energy she now had as a result of such, she slowly managed to push herself up into a sitting position, seeing the rather large spot of blood on the floor from her bleeding.

It was of no importance though as she started to look herself over, the bust the first thing she looked at. Indeed it had stopped growing around halfway during the changes, slowly moving her hands and gently grabbed hold of them from underneath. The claws of her fingers did brush up against the flesh of them, but didn't even prick them, also noticing that the breasts were easily able to fit fully in the hands that held them each. Resisting the urge to press them together, she lowered her hands and willed herself to stand, able to do so without problems.

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What surprised her a bit was how easily she was able to stand upright, even with the rather heavy-looking bust and tail she now possessed. She figured the muscles in her body have altered as well to accommodate the changes, looking around for a reflective surface to see what she looked like.

Since there was none in the kitchen she headed a short distance away to the dining rooms bathroom, greeted by the mirror hanging on the wall above the rooms sink. The being she saw surprised her again, noticing the canine-like face of it, though the beauty of it was soiled by the crimson on the chin of it.

This earned a frown from her, walking to the sink to try and rinse it out. Even though it was two steps away, her attention was drawn to the floor after hearing some audibly clacks, seeing that her feet were now three-toed foot-paws, the toes having the same metallic silver color, but very long claws that seemed to extend to almost four inches in length. Even the heels of her feet had a spike on them, giving the impression of her wearing high-heels, though oddly she seemed content with it.

Returning her attention to the task at hand, she turned the handle on the sink counter-clockwise, making sure the water would be warm before pushing it up slightly, hearing and seeing the water trickle out of the faucet. A small smile came to her face, cupping her hands under the water and soon lowered her snout into the water, holding her breath as she worked on washing the blood away.

The liquid did tickle her nose a bit, earning a slightly wider smile at such as she continued washing the snout.

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A few repetitions of her scrubbing the fur and letting the water rush down the drain, the lower part of her snout was soon clean of blood, lifting her head back up as she used the towel resting on a towel rack close by to dry off. When she saw her face again, this time closer, she couldn't help but notice her eyes.

When she was human, her blue eyes seemed dull, even with the ring of gold around the pupils. Now they seemed a lot more lively and brighter, as well as full of life. Each strand of fur on her face also seemed to be extremely smooth to the touch for a normal human, even more so for her manes. Her body was much thinner than what it used to be, thankfully still human-like but again different.

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It was curvy, but not much to where it looked unrealistic or unhealthy, no, but it was one that celebrities and models would literally kill for, even past the fur. Her navel area — or the belly button for the more simplistic humans — was more noticeable, laying a hand over it and easily covered the area.

Then there was the fur on her arms. Interwoven to such perfection that both could easily be able to double as blankets, especially since they were practically touching the floor, even when the arms were level with her chest. The arms themselves were longer as well, slowly lowering them and saw that the tips of the fingers, not the claws, were going just below the kneecaps.

Speaking of the legs, they were like that of most animals; two ts from waist to ankle, but she could also feel the rather admirable strength they now possessed. Either of them could be able to allow her to walk with such grace that it would, again, make role models green with envy. The claws would be of concern, seeing that they would be murder on carpets and rugs alike, but again it was of no concern as of now.

Come to think of it, why wasn't she — or rather the male part of her mind — trying to question all of this?

She tried to comb through her mind to find the answer, but sadly wasn't all that able to find the answer. Another question popped up on what she had became, though was easily able to find the answer for that, her eyes widening as she looked back into the mirror. Seconds suddenly felt like minutes as she had numerous questions flood her mind, trying to find answers to each of them. How long will this last?

Is it permanent? How many others had these tampered cans?