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Pregnant fetish forums, I picking somebody that like Pregnant fetish forums

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house girlfriend Milani

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I am really turned on by very pregnant women, 9 months is nice! And I want to add this little story,and I don't know if it is why I am turned on. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

Years old: 51
I like: Hetero
Color of my eyes: Enormous brown
Gender: I'm fem
My hair: Gray
Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
I like to drink: Stout

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Pregnant and lactation porn

Archived discussions are usually a bit older and not as active as other community content. My husband just admitted to having a pregnancy fetish! We've been together 2 years and 3 months and I've only not been pregnant 10 months! He says it was a turn on when I breastfed my son and he was just as disappointed as I was when I had to stop.

Something about motherly intuition and caveman instincts! Do any other ladies have a man like this?! Newest First. I wish! My husband hasn't touched me since the first sonogram 9 weeks. That was 20 weeks ago! My boobs are 2 cup sizes larger, you would think he would be all over me. Go figure. Have some fun for me. My boyfriend thinks it's really sexy that I'm pregnant. My honey loves my dark belly line.

He says it's like a man marking his territory. He also loves my ever expanding backside.

DaphnesMom, I'm with you. Last time was conception.

That's 30 long weeks. I'm not too worried because I have zero drive.

First tri we were told not to, due to spotting. Since then, I have tried to initiate, but he is so worried about spotting, he doesn't want to.

My husband told me he had a little bit of a pregnancy fetish before I was pregnant One of the first things he said to me after I told him was "you know I've never done it with a pregnant girl before" lol. My husband just embraces my pregnancy and loves sex, he once admitted when I was pumping for my son that it was turning him on.

I thought my hubby was the only weirdo! We've not had rudies since conception! I think this is the longest we've ever gone My husband says that he thinks I'm the most beautiful he's ever seen me while I'm pregnant and he touches my bump and my boobs but I think he's just trying to reassure me.

When it comes to rudies he really isn't interested! He says it doesn't seem right with the baby in there. In the beginning he was so protective and then now you cab actually see my stomach moving I've no chance!

I've reed myself to the fact it's not going to happen while I'm pregnant! Mine said he had a pregnancy fetish when we were dating.

Now I have to force him to touch me. I think it's lost it's luster Let me just start by saying, pregnancy is tough. I'm 33 weeks and I just hurt all over. I know you mamas do too. All I have wanted is some sexual attention from my hubby. He has been supportive and has done well on that aspect as far as Latest: 4 months ago EA There have been reports in my birth month group of a man impersonating a woman asking for pictures.

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Pregnancy fetish?!?

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