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Primrose everdeen fanfiction, Bbbw Primrose everdeen fanfiction looking up guy for strangets

What do you do when you favourite book is over and there is nothing more to live for?

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But, why? And, what does it have to do with her twin sister, Katniss? Canon divergent. She follows me through my day, scolding me about my morning breakfast of booze, through my lonely walks in the silent forest where we all used to play. Prim talks to me about Katniss, her twin sister, and about Gale, who can hardly look at me without wanting to lunge at me in anger.

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A Hunger Games fanfic by me. Spoiler Warning: This is a note to whoever hasn't read the Hunger Games trilogy that there are spoilers in my fanfic. If you don't want to know certain events, then don't read further on. But if you don't mind then read on and enjoy! Chapter 1: District Please do continue. I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. I will continue when I feel up for it, and when I am not busy with school. I was wondering what Katniss was doing? And why was she keeping me waiting for so long? I miss my big sister, and I feel like our time together is being robbed, because of the Capitol.

I just wish I had a normal life, and get to do things together with my sis. I hear footsteps in the hallway outside of our door. I am hoping it is Katniss returning at last. But it's just mom. I love my mother dearly, but she wasn't always there for me when I was younger. Katniss always was.

Strong ~ a primrose everdeen fanfiction

This is the first time I ever felt disappointed that my mother was the one to come back at that moment. Was some of my sister's rebellion rubbing off on me. I tried not to show it.

I want to keep things peaceful with my mother, because she is one of several people who made it out alive from our former district. I was still having a hard time comprehending that District 12 was actually gone.

Tears started to well up in my eyes. What is the meaning of life, if some of the stuff we love in life is gone? I am grateful to be alive, and have my mom and sister here almost always by my side. I know that Katniss is spending a lot of time with Gale, and it makes me wonder if they will end together or not?

I loved seeing the affection that she showed Peeta during both of The Hunger Games. But did she really do it for love, or to try and save District 12 from the Capitol? I know what I know in my heart. I hear a rumbling coming from somewhere above.

I wonder what it is. There are a lot of loud voices. I'm scared this time. My mom looks like she is slipping away again. I tell her that she can't leave me again.

"the tears of primrose everdeen". a hunger games fanfic by me.

I run to here, and try to keep her in the present and now. The massive sounds of machinery come closer again. They are ships of some kind, and I see Haymitch inside one of them. Katniss is alright, but others aren't going to survive. This is your time to help on the frontline's.

We're going to be leaving soon.

What was going on in the Capitol? It sounded worse than what I saw in my eyes on the television every day and night. Were we really winning the fight? Was everything that my sister saying a lie?

I know she had to say these things to keep hope alive. I just hope they are true, and that we are doing all we can, and that we will survive. I'm too young. I didn't even get to live my life. I don't want to die! That's kinda sad, if you know what is getting ready to happen.

5 fan fictions that could actually become books

Yeah it is. It's just what was coming out of me, and the way my story was going. I wish things ended up better for Prim. I will be writing more when I have time.

I stepped aboard the aircraft, and buckled myself in. My mom sat down by my side. She was having a nervous look on her face.

I really hope that this isn't a time when she fades away again. The engine was roaring to life, and the craft started to rumble as we started taking off. I just wish this whole ordeal was over with, and that peace could be restored all across Panem. It would be great not to be dictated by the Capitol.

I am really glad that Katniss is keeping the rebellion-thing going. I just don't trust the president of District They seemed only bent on covering themselves, and not helping any of the other districts out.

Haymitch's voice starts ringing loud and clear over the intercom. Now we don't want any panic or hasty actions happening when you see what the Capitol is like. It's a part of war, and the sooner this is over with the better. I had a feeling he was talking to my mom, more than he was talking to me.