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Rizzoli and isles lesbian fanfiction, Rizzoli and isles lesbian fanfiction baby seeking boy to phish

A little light Rizzles. Summary - Detective Rizzoli has to go undercover and Doctor Isles shows off one of her many talents. However, Jane gets more than she bargained for, when Maura demonstrates just how well she has mastered a particular talent.

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Soon, Jane and Maura are tested by the case and by their changing friendship until some mistletoe and an old can of Marmite prod them towards real answers. Yes, Jane Rizzoli is a tough cop with a heart of gold, but this Jane aches with a need to do the right thing for Maura even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. Yet as they battle their confusing feelings, their friendship and working synergy remain as stalwart as ever. Angela Rizzoli is spot on with her concern about how they will fare in a relationship with one another, and even Frankie and Nina deliver lines that could have come right out of a canon episode.

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She was so accustomed to seeing her multiple times in a single day that forty eight hours seemed like an eternity. She knew Maura had to take time off to attend a talk on advances in technologies for autopsies, but Jane knew she would have been home by early hours of the morning. She considered calling her first, but it was a fleeting thought, she was already in her car and on her way to Mauras house. Jane sprang out of the car and wasted no time in pressing Mauras door bell.

She was already smiling anticipating her best friend opening the door and being pleasantly surprised to see her. Are you OK? Jane took a moment to look at Maura, she was wearing her most expensive pair of heels.

Watch: angie harmon is tired of being 'the man' in 'rizzoli & isles' lesbian fan fiction

Jane was with her when she bought them. Her dress looked expensive too but Jane caught herself staring for too long and whipped her eyes up to look at Mauras face. His loss. Is it naive of me to actually have hope for endgame rizzles. I would make a bet the therapist character is there as a tool to help Jane realise she was afraid to lose Maura, then realise she is in love with her.

The angstiest slow burn rizzles ever: fanfic review

I can see it now. Better not let me down writers, no excuse.

Jane grunted and slammed the door behind her as she shut the door. Jane hated this type of affair, and mingling, she would usually just stick by Maura and follow her lead. But tonight was different. The pair stood picking from the canape table, when maura realised they needed a top up. Maura disappeared to fetch the drinks, upon her return, she spotted Jane making small talk with the most attractive man in the room. He was stood directly in front of Jane, as she leaned against the wall, giggling and touching his arm. Was she flirting with him?

Maura was confused, she barely saw Jane ever flirt, especially at this kind of event. It almost stopped her in her tracks, but she pretended not to notice and approached Jane with her drink. Maura spoke to him pleasantly for a while, as to seem polite. Making her rounds, Maura kept picking up drinks from the waiter, happily sipping away as she tried to hide her anger. Maura realised she was quite tipsy after her fourth glass. She had no intention of stopping either, this was the only thing helping her get through the night.

An hour had passed and Jane was still with Harry, they had moved over to the kitchen so they could talk in a slightly quieter area of the apartment.

Maura headed toward them, armed with dutch courage and her desire to be with Jane she walked over, as gracefully as she could manage. As she was laughing she noticed Maura walking over, and could immediately tell Maura had had one too many. Jane was surprised by the touch, she was used to Maura touching her arm or shoulder but never her hip.

It confirmed for Jane her friend had already had too much to drink. You two are getting along so well, how could I ever split up such a pair! Maura took her leave and left Jane slightly stifled as she smiled at Harry. On her way to speak with Maura in the toilet, she saw her instead filling up her glass at the liquor cabinet. Jane glared at Maura, confused and slightly worried.

I meant to say you seemed to be hitting it off so well you should definitely take him home. Jane bent her knees slightly so she was level with Maura and peered at her playfully, trying to make her smile. She knew something was up with Maura, drunk or not. Maura had already made it outside by the time Jane caught up to her.

She was just opening the door to get into a taxi, before Jane ran up behind her and slammed the door shut before she could get in.

Rizzoli and isles

Guys I need your help, I need to find that Tumblr post that list the reasons they prefer lesbian subtext. Jane broke into the biggest grin, she made a small sound that resembled the beginning of a laugh.

Before she could reply their he collided in a kiss that you might call aggressive, neither one could kiss deep enough or hard enough. Years of unknown yearning building up, finally realised in their kiss. Janes hands holding onto mauras neck and occasionally finding their way up to mauras head, fingers running through beautiful blonde hair.

They finally pulled away from each other, Janes hands still on the back of Mauras neck. Looking into Janes eyes, all of Mauras doubts and fears suddenly vanished and she felt free and liberated.

Without thinking she flung herself up and reached her leg over Jane. Jane could do nothing but grin as she watched Maura straddle her, the feeling of Maura being just a friend was getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Maura leaning over Jane, she pushed her pelvis towards Janes torso and Jane fell back into the sofa, allowing Maura to go in for another deep kiss. Jane held onto Mauras thighs as Maura straddled her, her head resting against the sofa she enjoyed mauras kiss for a few moments before pushing back into the kiss, sitting up, she pulled mauras top off to reveal a beautiful lace bra underneath.

Maura smiled and picked up Janes hand and placed it onto her bra.

Jane was on cloud nine, she was so high off of Mauras love it felt surreal. Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Maura gets stood up by the woman of her dreams, Jane shows up to pick up the pieces.

Stood up, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | fanfiction

Maura drags Jane to a party, but when Jane spends the whole night flirting with a guy, Maura finds some solace in champagne but finds it hard to keep her anger to herself. Chapter 6 is up guys!

Rizzles happens!! My conquest? Chapter two is up! One day… someone will look at me like that. See this in the app Show more.

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