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Sex toy party stories, I'd like Sex toy party stories friend that wants showgirls

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A woman Sherry I met online in a chat room owned a small business selling sex toys. She and I really hit it off and she told me she thought it would be awesome to have a demonstration model to show off how things worked to the participants at her "parties".

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Maybe 10 or so years ago, my wife got dragged to one of these sex toy parties by some of her friends. I was skeptical about the whole thing, because she's pretty demure outside the bedroom. We don't use sex toys, don't need them. We are sex toys. If you don't know what this is, it's a hen party like a tupperware party, but with dildos, and vibrators, and cockrings and such.

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Anyway, she went to this party, just to see what it was like, and to hang out with her friends. One of the things they offered was a DIY dildo kit. You take it home, get your man into an angry state, make a cast of it, and then make a replica of it. One of her single friends tried to encourage her to buy one.

She told her friend, rightly so, that I wouldn't do it, and we didn't need it because I was always available. Then her friend asked her if she bought the kit, did she think I would make one for her. You read that right. One of her friends, at this party full of dildos of all shapes and sizes, wanted a cast of MY cock to pleasure herself with.

Over the years, we've cut people out of our lives for all sorts of reasons. Poor, or wealthy but cheap, or violent when they're drunk, or liberals. But this girl wasn't any of those things. And I never undertood why she kicked her out of our lives, until now. In I guess, and pics not loading. ETA maybe get a bigger mold to cast from? Cool stary bra? Quote History. Quoted: In I guess, and pics not loading. You cut people from your life cuz they are poor? Pics of all involved or GTFO.


You didn't offer her friend the real deal instead of a replica? I'm awaiting pics of friend before accusations of homosexuality are made.

Ah shit. I'm in for all the pics. Gotta know now. It's like turning away from a train wreck. Sex stores don't have 3. Quoted: You cut people from your life cuz they are poor? Sounds like more of a compliment than a reason to cut someone out of your life.

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In after the cock block. This thread is dildos. Quoted: Inb4 poors are not people. View Quote View All Quotes. Quoted: Quoted: You cut people from your life cuz they are poor? Quoted: flaccidnating story. Quoted: They should be somewhere else. Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: You cut people from your life cuz they are poor?

Your wife should have cast one of those 14 inch Rambo dildos and given it to her. Nobody told OP's wife that sharing is caring?

‘sex toy party’ stories

Pretty selfish overall. IN 1 Edit no pics no care. That is some thuggish behavior for a woman!

Tagged to find out if Middle Class is acceptable also does OP factor in cost of living by location - i. Quoted: Poor, or wealthy but cheap. In on 1 Dildo thread. I told my wife I wanted to get one of those kits and make one and then have her gift the made up toy to one of her girlfriends, then a year later make sure to tell the friend what we did.

Going to need pics of ex friend. Maybe even a video. Poops are not people. This is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff going on out in the world OP. Not surprised in the least.

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You could have had her screaming your name for the next decade every night. Attached File. Maybe her friend wanted something smaller than what was commercially available? OP, that is fucking brilliant. I'd be halfway tempted to get one of those kits around christmas, mix it in with the presents, and play dumb in regards to how it got there. Quoted: Of his cloned bone? Quoted: Quoted: In I guess, and pics not loading. Sorry, all I got was op hates poor people.

Her friend wanted something that tickled her. It is kind of hard to find a 3 inch dildo! Is this a humble brag?

I think so Where did I put that pinhole camera? Cool starry bra! I was the best man at the wedding. Before she left, I bought them one of those kits. Closest you will have ever come to a threesome OP and the wifey killed it. Quoted: OP, that is fucking brilliant.

We all have stories of shame

View Quote. View Quote I can see beggars but just because they're poor is sorta dickish. Inb4 poors are not people.