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Avoid things such as dairy, greasy foods, and sugary foods. These things really do have major effects on skin.

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But I know people who swore by it and their skin never got a pimple. They said you break out at first then you are clear forever. It should have the same amount of protection and help for mild to medium acne. Whether you are dry, combination, or oily. Moisturizing on dry skin will give it the moisture in needs.

Moisturizing on oily skin will stop the overproduction of oil in your skin. Honestly I thought they were the same thing. Anyway while looking online for a lip mask I came across one made out of only two ingredients. Raw honey and pomegranate juice.

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But quite honestly you only need the honey. Honey is a great moisturizer for your lips and another good thing about it is that it has antibiotic properties. Not only lips but skin too. Mix the honey and pomegranate and apply to your lips.

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then wipe it off. Try not to lick your lips because that dries them.

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This can be things like coloring, planting seeds, prayer, a good book, et cetera. For my examples above you would get colors and a coloring book, seeds, pots, soil, prayer sheets, and a good book. My box might be bigger considering soil would be in it, but your choice!

Glue pictures, decorate with rhinestones and glitter, whatever looks good to you! Make it neat and maybe even organize it into sections. Seed planting, coloring, prayer opportunities, reading. For example:.

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I love the bags of small ones that you can get, super handy to grab when rushing out the door. Also making spirals with the peels is super fun and cuts down on mess! Week two- do a switcheroo with that bag of crisps and a handful of nuts. Your body will thank you for the lack of grease not to mention your skin. Week 3- tip out that cup of coffee and pour yourself a big glass of cool water.

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It has been shown that drinking a cold glass of water as soon as you get up can be just as effective as a cup of coffee to wake you up! And so much better for you! Drinking more water holds benefits for your whole body, it helps keep your skin looking fresh and makes everything work smoothly.

It will burn and damage your skin! Yes, even oily skin!

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Applying too many on acne prone skin will just cause more inflammation. For some people toners are very beneficial, for others it dries out their skin. Find out what is best for you! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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Confidence challenge of the week 2. Tips for healthy skin! My advice is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. How to make a self care kit! Good luck lovelies!! Basic Skincare Tips.