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Silly sissy tumblr, Erotica girl looking up boy Silly sissy tumblr for meeting

I know when she reblogs one of my caps I'm gonna get a lot of traffic coming my way. She wrote some nice things about a different flower girl caption so I thought I'd do another! By the way, the competition is now closedbut I might be able to do a few more winners from the existing entries.

sexy latina Violeta

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How… how do you not have any cute clothes? I mean seriously.

Age: 26
Eye tint: I’ve got big hazel eyes
Sex: Lady
Figure features: I'm quite slim
Smoker: No

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It is understandable that there are individuals on Tumblr who desire servitude of Domms, and we respect their desires.

It reiterates everything that true sissies should already know to be true. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to share all your silly little thoughts after you listen. For little sissy whores to listen to until it melts into their brains. This is what you are meant to be so listen and obey sissy slut. Intense cock conditioning for true sissies only. Whether you have sucked cock before, or are simply cock-curious, this is the file for you. This is an intense 14 minutes of pure, unadulterated penis worship, narrated in my commanding, seductive voice.

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I have deed this file for the express purpose of turning you into a sissy cock slave. In this file, you will be placed in a sensual cock-trance, and submit to your deepest desires. You will also develop a special fondness for alpha males with strong bodies, and long cocks. You will learn to worship big, heavy penises with cum-filled balls, longing to hold one in your hand as it pulses and throbs.

Just a silly sissy now

Cockwill become one of your main focuses in life, and you will realize that you have a strong preference for very large cocks. Your little clitty could never hope to compare… I will implant in your sissy brain a powerful craving to suck on thick cocks. To drop to your knees in front of hard-bodied studs, part your glossy lips, and take every inch of their swollen penises deep down your inviting throat. Cock sucking will become a deep-rooted craving in your fragile sissy mind.

By the end of the file, you will become a mindless dick sucking cum swallowing sissy cock slave. This is serious brain-conditioning hypnosis, not to be taken lightly. More of an old fashioned curse than a traditional hypnosis Silly sissy tumblr, this file will separate the men from the sissies. This file will have no, or little, effect on most men, however some sissy types may find themselves impotent with women, lusting over guys and wearing panties.

The curse cannot be removed, by me or anyone else, for reasons which will be obvious if you listen. Be a good little sissy whore and listen over and over again.

Frilly silly sissy

That little clit never needs to be hard anyway its far too small and pitiful to pleasure a woman no matter how hard it gets. Your name? She acted more a mindless zombie than a hypnotized slave.

I am a fuck doll. I am fuck doll. The only thing she could say was the mantra from the brainwashing file. Could they even sell her? Well, at least she was good for one thing. This is a more hardcore, longer version of gender wipe. Multiple layers, subliminal and voiced by my favorite TTS Heather. This will unlock the girl inside you, who is dying to get out. If you do… then what are you waiting for sissy.

You know this is your dream just give in and become the feminized girl you know you are sissy. I have been an on and off active participant in the bdsm world for about 20 years and have had my fair share of mishaps.

Here are a few tell tale s that something is wrong, both online and offline. Adressing someone as a submissive "slave", "slut" or other term without having a clue what they are about. Laughing at someone for no reason just to make someone feel bad.

If you do this in a consentual situation, that's fine. But when there are no rules, there is no game.

Dear sweet tumbleristas

Taking private information and sharing it without consent. Bdsm is all about trust and relationships. You know what. There are much better lists out there such as this one. Be a dumb slut if you want but don't be stupid. Don't start a bdsm relationship on tumblr.

If you are serious and want advice send me a message. Feel free to use it for yourselves if you like. Effective immediately the following rules of agreement will be fully in forced. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment. He will obey her fully with out question or complaint, this total obedience to her is mandatory.

He will not refer to the penis as his own by use of words that suggests he still has ownership over it. He must sleep naked so that she has full access to his body anytime she wants it throughout the night.

He will not question nor nag about the time of chastity and possible release. He no longer owns the penis all rights and ownership belongs to her. The length of time she chooses to lock her penis up and restrict it from orgasm is her right and her decision.

The sissy life for me please

Because the penis is now hers, he must inform her each time he experiences an erection and explain why the erection had taken place. He will be restricted from viewing pornographic material unless accompanied by her. Personal blogs and Tumblrs are showing adult interest are acceptable.

He is to remain in the chastity device at all times, she will decide if and when it is allowed to be removed. He will be restrained during times of release. He will not touch the penis unless instructed by her. He will be relocked into chastity Silly sissy tumblr before the restraints are removed. Sex does not always mean removal of the chastity device, for this reason he must be properly cleaned each night by She will choose when ejaculations occur.

If he feels that ejaculation is arriving he must notify her immediately. He will be brought to the brink of ejaculation many times before being allowed to experience full release. No exceptions. He must provide her with treatment worthy of a goddess and will be required to give nightly back rubs.

He will focus only on her pleasure, thoughts of his pleasure will only distract him from properly performing his duties to her high standards. Failure to meet her high standards of performance will result in 2 days time extended in chastity. If he misbehaves in public all she has to say is a and he knows that is the amount of days added to his time in chastity.

Silly sissy

Crossdressing feels so good, and seeing others who crossdress is so exciting. Its always nice being around others who crossdress whether in person or online.

Its nice having friends who can relate to dressing. Reblog this if your looking to meet other crossdressers. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. We The Sissy Community Declares. Mistresskennyasblog Mistress-Alice8 Maryferminization. Femdom-oc Mistresskassy. Mistresssandra00 Mistresskemsblog. Mistresscassiesblog Your-BeautifulMistress Mistresslolly. The best way to show off my locked little clitty!