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Sissy bra shopping, Filipine baby looking up boy especially for Sissy bra shopping

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I t can be said that sexy lingerie to a sissy is like whipped cream to strawberry shortcake. A sissy without at least one matching bra and panty set would be like an eskimo without an igloo. The truth is that sissies and lingerie go together like… okay, enough of the corny phrases already. Enterprising merchants have capitalized on the burgeoning sissy market so you will not find it difficult to come across several places online where you can buy stunning sissy lingerie.

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Is the girl inside you dying to go for shopping? So let us go for some shopping and have fun. Like a good gurl, you will have to wear something girly for the trip. I will leave the choice to you. Will it be jeans?

Or Top? Its up to you, darling. But you will wear at least one girly thing. So where are we headed? Let me think…. Oh yes…. I have made you shop of lot of things but no lingerie. Are you excited? As a girl, you should be excited. Have you ever shopped for lingerie in person? It is very exciting and lots of fun.

Let me be very clear; you have to go to a standalone lingerie shop, not to a departmental store, you get the idea, you need to visit LaSenza, Victoria Secret, Enamor, or something like that. Is that clear darling? Now, what are we looking for? I am sure you want to buy the whole shop, darling, but no, not today.

You will scan through the whole shop. You will carefully and unabashedly look at all the things; there is nothing wrong in that. I want you to select not one but four things.

Sissy lingerie

I told you it will be exciting. You will select a pink matching set of bra and panties.

It has to be a set. You will then also find a garter belt, in pink if possible and thigh highs with pink lace trim — all matching in nice pink colour, the colour that you love, the colour that defines you. Easy right? But like always, I have a small requirement that you need to meet for the task to be complete. You will take any assistance if offered. You will tell the assistant it is for you and get measured for the bra fitting if the assistant is fine.

You will ask them about exchange policy. If they ask your name, you will use your girl name.

Welcome to the sissy store

And yes…. You will also ask for a bag from the shop. You will find a toilet, it has to be male toilet, and you will put on everything that you just bought. Yes, everything, bra, panties, garter belt and hold up stockings. You will put your disgusting male underwear in the bag you got from the shop. You will forget the bag in the toilet stall. You may choose to pass by the lingerie shop if you want. Maybe do some more lingerie shopping?

You will go home after that and if you have been good girl and did everything as per my instructions, you can cum in your new panties and lick it clean. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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