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talent girl Emery

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Wearing clothes in the water is difficult because it restricts your freedom of movement!

My age: 40
My sexual orientation: I love male
Sex: I am fem
My hobbies: Diving

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J sent in this story about happy memories at a remote cabin: Wife and I have gone to a cabin in the woods that is by a small creek. The property is owned by some friends of ours.

We have gone there for a few years and the first year we went I was able […]. My parents-in-law own a small cottage in the country. We were spending some time there while […]. An anonymous poster sent along this marriage longevity tip: I have always enjoyed skinny dipping, but until a couple of summers ago my wife was reluctant to partake.

We have a small above ground pool and a privacy fence but she worried about prying eyes. I was finally able allay those fears by adding some […].

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