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Where to Stream 'Hocus Pocus' for Halloween Where Was 'You' Season 3 Filmed? If the bus goes over 50 mph, a bomb arms, but the bomb only goes off if the bus slows down below 50 mph.

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A minor role will usually only involve a few minutes of screen time but will usually see the character given a name and have some relevance to the main characters. A friend who in a twist is the key villain, a mother who only offers advice in one scene, somebody whose importance to the plot is only revealed at the eleventh hour.

A long time ago there were these ice skaters named Torville and Dean. They scored a perfect 6 from all the judges in their final routine at the Winter Olympics and naturally became legends.

Get up to speed on ‘speed’: 20 fun movie facts on the film’s 20th anniversary

Following their Gold Medal winning performance at the winter Olympics they went professional and performed for several years. In they returned to the Winter Olympics and won Bronze. Some time passed and they came to Australia to perform. My family were fans and on a whim one day decided they would see if they could get tickets.

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Hence the last minute enquiry and the resulting lack of availability. We went in with no expectations, my father, mother and siblings.

I still think about that night every now and again watching Speed up on the big screen. Kids become teenagers and get too old to go see movies with their parents. Then your parents tend to not want to go out to the movies because its easier to wait until it comes out on Foxtel. This action film inadvertently became a family film because we all have that memory and we all enjoyed that night and Speed elevator thong movie.

A great movie will be universally loved and bring people together. Torville and Dean would have been a once in a lifetime experience but there are no memories from that day tinged with disappointment only amazement. It turned out Speed was to be bonafide classic with amazing cinematography, a rip roaring score, amazing stunts, witty dialogue, and a fantastic ensemble cast.

I could fill out the rest of the year in this series of posts with actors from Speed. An ordinary man finding himself in the extraordinary situation of flying down the LA Freeway after a commuter bus that has a bomb on it. At the time this was standard behaviour for film action heroes to pull guns when civilians black or white did not play nice with them.

Now two decades later I wonder if Glenn Plummer was encouraged to ham it up but I like to think he maintained his dignity. He has also branched out into other jobs co-writing, producing and directing in VooDoo Curse: The Giddeh and the upcoming Charlie Charlie Some people will remember him in his early work in Menace II Society and his break out role in South Central Others know him from his recent television work.

He took a small thankless role and sold every line, every joke, every reaction and I hope to see him again soon holding my full attention with his incredible talent. Another good call, Lloyd. Well, maybe not the bus jumping that huge gap… Best wishes, Pete. I completely agree Pete. The story behind the bus time is fascinating.

It looked fake to me. The nose goes up too high, not everything is seen on screen and the final shot is slowed down with heightened sound effects. So it was interesting to find out in a behind the scenes featurette that I watched that the time was done for real.

A lone stunt driver drove up to a ramp on the same freeway. The bus unexpectedly had its nose rise up in the air like that.

If not for a last minute decision to place extra cameras for coverage the bulk of the bus would have been out of shot during the sequence. Incredibly the bus jumped that distance just like that. The only thing fake was with CGI trickery they put the gap in. The build up to the scene is still one of my favourites.

Howard payne

I was 14 and I think Speed is one of the first times I paid attention to how a scene is crafted to create an audience reaction. I love this post, and your memory of how you first came to watch Speed. Who will feature next eh? I worked a week of their shows and was awe struck every performance.

That would have been something else being part of their show and seeing them perform. It maybe a personal bias but I thought they should won.

Mind you the kids today have taken it to a whole new level. Astounding athleticism.

Speed elevator thong scene

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