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Stripper made me cum, I Stripper made me cum woman who wants phish

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Full disclosure I am a guy who goes to clubs intentionally to cum from lap dances.

First off I want to say to the OP that if you are uncomfortable with a guy having an orgasm then don't do it! If you don't want someone to orgasm all you have to do is change positions a lot. Most guys who can orgasm from a lap dance will need you to repeatedly grind in the same position for a long time like minutes. There are two of guys who will cum from lap dances. The first are guys who haven't had sex or been with a woman in a long time.

Some of these guys will cum super easy - like in half a song. Those kind of guys are rare and there isn't anything you can do to prevent the orgasm. They will be super embarrassed about it and might not tell you to stop and you end up grinding yourself into a wet spot.

The second category are guys like me who do this intentionally. Some of these can be your best regulars but some others can be pretty cheap or demanding. I can tell you that for myself I stopped looking at porn completely a few years ago and just go to the strip club to get dances twice a week.

So i gave a stripper an orgasm during a lapdance lol

I pay really well, and usually I don't want to be at the club for more than an hour. I NEVER push anyone's physical boundaries, never let my bodily fluids get on someone, never try to date anyone, and never text anyone about anything other than when they are working. I am also always clean and smell good! A lot of the guys who do it intentionally are also pretty loyal. When I find a dancer I like I tend to stick to them until they quit.

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As far as how to react Again if you are uncomfortable just keep changing positions and it won't happen. Seriously don't do anything you don't want to do. If you are comfortable with it and the guy pays well then don't make a big deal about it and say you would love to see the guy again. Also a lot of the time if it happens you might not notice.

I can make myself cum at the end of a song, so yeah you might never know This is abhorrently disgusting and is prostitution. I have not had to deal with this yet either. If I noticed it, I would actively avoid any body fluid exposure like keep dancing but stand upfinish the dance, say thank you assuming he was kind, this is totally sincere, I always thank people that decide to buy a dance from meand then go freshen up before going back to the floor.

He will most likely leave after that dance, so no need to do anything else.

Learn the art of teasing. I hardly grind and have been told over and over I give the best dances.

I only grind the last few seconds of the song as a grand finale. When I first started dancing this happened to me a few times.

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How I react depends on the situation. I would however like to suggest that if you think any fluid got in close contact to your personal no no zone even just one time that you should get tested for stds better safe than sorry. So if I cum in my pants and don't react at all or talk about it, then you will get angry and throw me out? What if i'm just shy.

Stripper makes me cum

And if you are disrespected demand compensation. Found the internet! How often do you deal with clients cumming during lap dances? How do you deal with it? How do you personally feel about it? Sort by: best. Reply Share. Thank you for your input.

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Do you warn these girls that you want to cum during a lap dance? Continue this thread. This is a community for strippers only.

Please do not post if you are not a stripper. Come to have fun, relax, discuss, post photos, vent, and share stories! Did you have a good night?

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