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I get it. The torture scene in the first Sword of Truth book is quite brutal. Rape is a very sensitive topic for many people, yet I don't see why this scene gets so much hate in particular compared to other book series or shows like Game of Thrones etc.

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Comments Showing of 17 17 new post a comment ยป. Mar 07, PM. I have read a ton of fantasy in the last two years encompassing about 60 different authors in the genre since I started with Wizard's First Rule, and I can't say I have ever come close to finding a villian anywhere near as good as Denna.

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Denna is the eighth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker. It was the first episode to air in Kahlan Amnelldisturbed by Shota 's prediction that she would betray Richardsuffered nightmares of killing Richard. While trying to comfort her, Richard and Kahlan share a passionate kiss. Because of this, she ultimately decided the only way to not betray Richard would be to leave and have another Confessor take her place.

She left Richard and Zedd against their wishes to go to a nearby village where Confessor Lara lived. Denna began to slowly break Richard through physical and mental torture.

Then she leaned over his corpse and breathed a white mist into his mouth. When Richard shuttered back to life, she explained that she had the magic of the Breath of Life and could revive him if he died. In this way, not even death could save Richard from Denna.

Afterwards, Richard was left in a dungeon with another prisoner, Benedict, whose daughter was to be trained to be a Mord-Sith. From Benedict, Richard learned what the Mord-Sith are, and how they are trained. Richard attempted to escape, but was thwarted by Benedict, who had already been broken by Denna.

Denna had wanted Richard to see how broken Benedict was in order to crush Richard's hope. Denna offered her agiel to Richard, that he may keep trying to escape.

Touching the agiel taught Richard that it causes pain to the one wielding it as well as it's victim. Kahlan was horrified to discover that Lara had confessed the entire village she lived in. All of the people were her mindless slaves. Lara insisted she had good reason to do as she had, but Kahlan was too disgusted by her actions to agree to let her help Richard.

Zedd, fleeing from the Mord-Sith, found the two of them and related what had happened. The morally corrupt Lara offered to use her enthralled people as a battle force to free Richard, since they no longer feel fear and would not hesitate to fight to the death.

Kahland doggedly refused to use people in such a manner until Zedd reluctantly pointed out how out-ed the trio are, and that his own magic was worthless against the Mord-Sith. Richard became so delirious with pain that he retreated into a daydream of being with Kahlan. Denna pulled him out of the dream and provoked Richard into telling of Kahlan.

Denna wanted Richard to love her in place of Kahlan. Zedd reluctantly agreed.

When Denna brings Richard in to continue his torture, Richard requested that Constance do it instead. Enraged, Denna beat him savagely until Richard explained that he only asked for Constance because he didn't want Denna to be hurt wielding her agiel on Richard's behalf. Kahlan interrupted at that point and confronted Denna, trying to scare her into releasing Richard.


But Denna knew that if the people were only fighting because Lara had confessed them, then the D'Harans need only kill Lara for the people to be released from the enthrallment and flee from the battle. Denna took Kahlan captive and decided to train her. While Kahlan recovered in a dungeon, Richard spoke to her through the door. He would rather be a mindless slave to Kahlan than to Denna.

Instead he dropped the knife where Kahlan could snatch it up and use it against Denna. Richard fought with the other soldiers in the room, managing to reclaim the Sword of Truth. Kahlan was unable to finish Denna off, so Richard advanced with his sword.

Question about wizard's first rule (spoilers)

Denna used her control of his magic to stop him, but amazingly Richard staggered on, finally impaling Denna. Afterwards Kahlan and Richard discuss their feelings. Richard decided it was a good thing Denna taught him to suffer in silence.

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