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Swtor grand moff kilran, Elite lady hunt for boy to Swtor grand moff kilran

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pretty female Myla

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Search the Site Search. Grand Moff Kilran. Click to Load 3D Model. Reaction: Republic Empire. Blueprint: boss. Class Spec: Boss.

Other Sites: Jedipedia. Option - Jedi aren't easy to kill.

Player - You'll find Master Oteg and I can survive anything you dish out. Option - We're smarter than you. Player - Master Oteg and I have outwitted you at every turn. You're counting your victories too soon.

Option - Don't underestimate us. Player - Destroying a fleet is one thing. Killing Havoc Squad is much harder. Option - That's just rude. Player - What is it with you? It's always kill, kill, kill. Can't we settle this with an insult contest?

I'll even let you go first. Option - Who is Darth Malgus? Player - Should your master's name mean anything to me? Option - Come and get me, ugly. Player - We should meet in person. I can make both sides of your face match. Master Oteg. Option - You need to retreat. Player - If you stay here, you'll die.

Swtorpadawan — highjustices: i’ve been hoarding this to myself

Fall back. Kilran can't stop this rescue. Option - Fight and die well, Oteg. Player - Your sacrifice won't be in vain. Take those Imperial ships with you.

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Grand moff kilran

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A duel named revolution — avenier: (nsfw) grand moff kilran wip, swtor i

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