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The alpha prince and his bride chapter 19, Turks The alpha prince and his bride chapter 19 picking guy for hardcore

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Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Alpha Prince and H

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Views 5, Downlo File size KB. The servant and the prince were like two peas in a pod even though the prince was.

She stared at her nails under the lights, acting the least bit interested in what I had to say. No sweetie, you've always been a business investment ,this was the plan all along. You're finally going to serve your purpose and repay us for giving you a roof over your head all of these years. I wouldn't cry, for my entire life this family has mistreated me, to the point that I often tried to hide from them as much as I could. The less I was around them, the more I felt at peace. For these reasons as well as many others, I should be happy that I was finally able to leave.

I knew nothing about them, so all I could possibly do for myself was pray that they would treat me better, at least a little. My lips crashed down on her neck and she moaned my name in response.

I couldn't mark her, what the hell was wrong with my wolf? As you're already aware. They couldn't possible think of doing this to me when they already knew that I'd found my mate. There was no way I would ever be able to accept anyone else other than her! Within minutes I was storming into my parents room, I found them both discussing in a corner.

I needed to get it through to them that this wasn't something that was negotiable. My mother gave my father a look of helplessness before speaking. You need to finally prove your worth to them, you know how much they love and adore you already, this is not about us but about them. It was all too much to take in just in one day. I felt the anger within me slowly leave my body as I scanned the image. Long black hair framed a beautiful heart shaped face, bright blue eyes that seemed to see straight through you and sweet pink lips to die for.

Who was this woman?

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Why did I feel a connection with just a photograph? After staring at the photo for what seemed like hours I finally faced my parents.

That's all you ever think about, what about me? Your mate? Do I mean nothing to you? Lucy's POV: I bit down on my nails nervously as the limousine pulled up to my new home, my nerves were all over the place. I could feel my heart thumping louder than drums and it felt as though I was about to meet the man I was destined to be with. Wait, what? Where did that thought even come from?

I was so nervous that even my thoughts were scaring me. I saw the king nod his head in agreement with her. It never failed to amaze me how low these people would stoop just to see me unhappy when I'd never done a single thing to any of them. I tried to ignore everything my family said after that, I had enough on my mind already. The nervousness in me only increased with each step I took closer to the beautiful castle, my stomach started to hurt, something that usually happened whenever I was nervous. I tried to ignore it at first but the pain was becoming unbearable.

This castle was even more beautiful than the one back home, everything here looked like it cost a fortune. From the window frames to the curtains, even down to the flooring.

The alpha prince and his bride

After a few minutes of trying to find a washroom, I was convinced I was lost until I heard voices. I followed the sound hoping they could help me find my way. I was close enough now to hear everything that they were saying.

There was only one person getting married here today as far as I knew. Which only meant one thing. Was that the prince I'm supposed to be getting married to? I continued to listen to the conversation, my heart broke into tiny pieces with each word that came out both of their mouths.

They suddenly stopped saying anything and I peeped around the corner to see why, what I saw next had me doubling over in shock. My soon to be husband had another woman in his arms in a full on heated make out session! Lots of love, Laura. Chapter 2-Married The shocked gasp that I suddenly heard forced me to break away from Ariana.

See a problem?

My wolf demanding that I do. And that's when I saw her. Hurdled in a corner ,clutching at her wedding dress tightly as though it were the only thing keeping her from running right now. My bride. But it was not her beauty or innocence that made my gut twistit was the hurt and shock in her eyes, the protective instincts within me suddenly overpowered every other emotion raging through my body right now, the need to take away her pain was almost unbearable.

My wolf was raging inside of me,and it took all of my self control not to let him looseI've never felt him fight to be free this much beforehis behavior confused me. Princess Lucy's gaze went over to Ariana and not a single word came out from her mouth. Her beautiful lips were parted however and it made me want to reach over and gently kiss it.

Her gaze went back to me once morethe confusion there was suddenly replaced with fear. Was she scared of me? The thought of that made me sick to my stomach. Before anyone could say anything else she spun on her heels and ran off. I didn't know a single thing about her and already she had my emotions all over the place.

Not for the reason you may think, I was accustomed to being treated the way that woman spoke to me, what scared me was the immediate reaction I had to the prince.

Something within me was pulling me towards him and whether or not you chose to believe me, I could have sworn a voice within me said 'mate'. I can't believe it, I was already going insane on my first day at this place. Hearing voicesfeeling an immediate pull to someone I didn't knowfeeling jealousy I fell back against the wall, trying to keep myself together, come on Lucy, be strongyou don't even know the Princeso what if he had his arms wrapped around someone who wasn't you I considered asking my family to cancel the wedding but knew that would most likely end up with a huge uproar ,with me collecting a slap to my face most likely from the queen.

Whether I liked it or not I was stuck in this situation with Prince Austin. My eyes scanned my surroundings nervously, I didn't know any of the people in the room besides my family.

And of course, none other than Prince Austin was right besides me but I dared not raise my eyes to look at him, not after my earlier reaction to him. His gaze was burning into my body however and against my better judgement my traitorous body responded desperately.

Wow, so happy to get rid of me I see. What on earth was that? Thankfully the officer finished the vows without a mention of kissing the bride I mean even if he did there would be none of that since Austin stormed off as soon as he declared us husband and wife.

The alpha prince and his bride

My family of course found his actions to be hilarious since any embarrassment on my part were like diamonds served on a tray to them. Austin's family on the other hand actually seemed upset at his behavior and tried to reassure me that everything was okay. I didn't know how to react to there hospitality since all I've ever known my entire life was hate from everyone around me. They truly were cold heartless beings. I dragged my gaze from the beautiful princess to evaluate my surroundings.

The huge stereo system next to the television caught my eyes since I was never allowed the luxary of having one of those in my last home. Maya suddenly cleared her throat. I hope you can give him that time. I brought my gaze back to her and gave her a small nod.

She suddenly cracked a huge smile. It felt nice to meet people who were nice to me for once,I just wish it were under different circumstances.