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The shrouds last stand, Japaneses lady pick guy for The shrouds last stand

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Post a Comment. When you need to go into a flashpoint to continue the story, there's a Solo Mode. In particular, the pain points here are: Seeker Droid story arc Macrobinoculars story arc Dread Masters story arc The fact that players have these missions in their quest logs for literally years shows that forcing players to group is a mistake and fails to recognize play patterns in basically every MMO. Because it doesn't take into WHY people group. Players group because there's no other way to get a reward or if it would get them a better reward faster e. They don't actually want to group with other players because of the content or to do anything social.

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The last stand

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Reward Level Range:. A rogue spymaster known as the Shroud has set in motion a plan to crash a dreadnaught into Kaas City. Darth Mortis has directed Evie Bo, the Shroud's former lieutenant, to assist you in stopping the Shroud's attack. Evie Bo has triangulated the Shroud's approximate position on Nar Shaddaa: it appears to be coming from an abandoned storefront in the Network Security District. Go there and see what you can find.

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Mission Rewards Credits: Level Bounty Hunter Imperial Agent Mercenary Operative Powertech Sith Assassin Sith Juggernaut Sith Marauder Sith Sorcerer Tasks: 1 Infiltrate the Shroud's Lair. You'll have to navigate his security systems, traps and droids in order to confront him. You've managed to find the Shroud's hidden production facility in the Network Security District on Nar Shaddaa, but the elevator to the lower levels is guarded by a rigorous security system. You'll need to bypass it somehow. The Shroud has programmed a set of Replicator Droids to use your past foes against you.

Defeat these droids and then find a way to access the inner chamber of his Network Security District hideout on Nar Shaddaa.

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Defeat him before his plan reaches its fruition. Disable the dreadnaught's autopilot to stop his plan before it reaches its fruition. The Shroud is defeated, and the threat to Kaas City has passed. Darth Mortis wishes for Evie Bo to debrief you. Other Sites: Jedipedia. Influence Gains click to expand.

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Evie Bo. The Shroud. Darth Mortis. Option - Threats don't rattle me.

Player - I'll do worse than cripple this cretin, whoever he is. Option - He is a fool.

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Player - No one runs from the Empire forever, no matter how sly. This "fugitive" will not slip through my fingers. Option - Fugitive equals bounty. Player - Hope you've got plenty of credits, Mortis.

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I don't come cheap. Option - Sounds like a challenge. Player - To elude the Empire's grasp for long, you have to be pretty good. I'm better. Option - Anyone I've heard of? Player - Does this mystery person have a name?

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Could be someone I know. Option - Not my problem. Player - The Empire's messes aren't automatically my messes, you know.

Option - This sounds like your problem. Player - As you say, he's on your list--not mine. Why am I being dragged into this?

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