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Thrall x jaina, I am found woman Thrall x jaina loves tours

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Thrall boss guide for book of heroes (jaina)

I do not make any money from the writing of this story. The Orc Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, walked slowly through the halls of Orgrimmar, the concerns of his people still ringing in his ears even in the silent hallways. Half the people demanded her head, others simply wanted her gone, removed from Horde territory, and most questioned his decision to simply hand her over to his Shaman Master, some even going to far as to say his choice had been wrong.

Faith in his leadership had never been so low, but he had his reasons, even if they could never be made public. Reaching the doors of his suite, the Warchief nodded at his Honour Guard that flanked the entrance before entering, closing Thrall x jaina door and beginning the long process of stripping off his ceremonial black plate, the Doomhammer heavy against his back.

It was as he unbuckled the bracers guarding his wrists that something struck him as wrong, and he paused, calling to the elements he mastered to aid him as he walked slowly to the centre of his disquiet, the bedchamber. Prowling in almost silence, Thrall leaned against the wall next to the door and pushed it open with his foot. Garnering no reaction and sensing no immediate danger, the Warchief risked a glance over the threshold, and almost dropped the Doomhammer in shock.

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Sprawled across his bed in a debauched fashion lay Jaina Proudmoore, naked save for strategic positioning of long blonde hair, the crook of a thigh shielding her sex from his gaze, a smile dancing across her lips as she took in his surprise.

There is no excuse for how I behaved, and I must admit, I was surprised to find your wards still allowed me entry when I teleported. Jaina sat back in confusion, Thrall x jaina up at his back until he turned, his eyes boring into hers. She still bore the scar of that encounter, the small, circular scars on her inner thigh caused by his lower canines puncturing the flesh during rough, heated sex in her tower. As if reading his mind, Jaina spoke. All we can do is acknowledge the intrusion and deal with it. Realisation dawned and the human woman moaned, long and low. Thrall grinned wickedly again, inhaling her scent with satisfaction before lowering his mouth to press kisses up her thighs, tongue tracing the two small indents, listening to his lover gasp and moan softly, before reaching his goal, lapping at her sex, teasing around the small button until Jaina all but begged him to pleasure her, writhing in his grasp, trembling and pulse racing.

Slowly, he dragged his tongue against her clit, and she screamed, begging him to do it again.

Chuckling under his breath, the Orc slowly slid a finger into her willing body as he licked her again; feeling her sex tremble around him caused his arousal to twitch in anticipation as his pace increased, flicking his tongue roughly against her, feeling her orgasm building he slid another green finger into her and she cried out in response, so close to the edge, her flesh fluttering around his fingers in an ever increasing pace until she dived over the precipice, screaming her pleasure so loud he thought the whole of Orgrimmar would hear it, shuddering against him.

He waited until her breathing had calmed and her trembling lessened to ease his fingers from her, standing slowly to drink in the sight of her, sated and smiling, blonde hair dishevelled and blue eyes smoky with satisfaction, air heavy with the scent of her pleasure.

Hands slid down her legs, gripping ankles gently then placing them on his shoulders, lining his thick cock up with her sex, rubbing teasingly against her wetness. Green eyes closed as he slowly slid inside, feeling her stretching slightly to accommodate him; he would never become accustomed to the fact he was always slightly too big for her, flesh tight around him as he thrust, gently at first, until something inside him snapped, roaring as he drove deep and hard inside her, pulling roughly on her hips as he rocked, pounding harshly, animalistically into her, intense pleasure shooting through him as he lost himself inside her, back arching as he filled her with his seed, her name on his lips.

Panting, he managed to withdraw before collapsing in a pile of tangled limbs on the bed next to her, drawing her close in the afterglow. As sleep claimed the pair, neither sensed the spark of power that filled the room, the soft flare of magic that indicated a change in the future. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story.

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