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Timmy pooped his pants, I Timmy pooped his pants seek boy that like simulators

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Feel free to post with a pseudonym if it's a really juicy tale. I thought I'd peed the bed a couple years ago, but I had just brilliantly decided to bring a can of beer to bed, which emptied its contents. And when I say "middle man", I mean I am still baffled by this sentence's inclusion. Or pee'd the bed, etc. The last time you urinated or defecated in an inappropriate place.

How old am I: I am 50
Where am I from: Dutch
I can speak: English
My body type: My figure type is strong
What I like to drink: Stout
Favourite music: Jazz
What is my hobbies: Learning foreign languages

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The following is a list of episodes from the sketch comedy group the Whitest Kids U' Know which ran from March 20, — June 17, with a total of 60 episodes and 5 seasons on Fuse and IFC. : Lists of American comedy television series episodes. Hidden : Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Timmy Poops His Pants - At a boardroom meeting, Timmy defecates in his own pants and throws his own feces in the trash.

An argument escalates as the other boardroom members find it infuriatingly gross. Lincoln - At Ford's Theatre, during a bizarre production of Hamlet involving vampires, heckler Abe Lincoln Zach agitates audience member John Wilkes Booth Trevorwhich le him to run up to Lincoln's booth with a hammer and hammer him in the ass to death. The New Thing - Slapping people in the face, a kick in the Timmy pooped his pants and shirt wedgies are "the new thing" among friends.

Get a New Daddy - Guitarist Trevor tells children in song how to get a new father - by framing their actual father as a pedophile to get them arrested. Movie Pitching Guy - Enthusiastic mail worker Scott Trevor tries to quickly pitch movie ideas to the studio he Zach, Sam, Darrenand soon gets them all psyched.

Abdell Drums - Timmy 's parents Zach, Sam are upset that he bought an African djembe drummer really a weed salesman. Polite War - During the Revolutionary War, the redcoats practice addressing the American army politely. Burglar - Blackout: Burglar's Timmy lawyer Darren doesn't like his outfit. Brothers in Arms - A trailer for a war movie in which three brothers get in a brawl. Classroom - In kindergarten class, the teacher Darren plays a guessing game about the sudden death of one child's mother in a car accident, resulting in a traumatic experience for the child, Joey Timmywhich ends with poor Joey running out of the classroom in tears.

The teacher actually lied, saying she hated Joey, and that it was actually Scotty Trevor whose mother died. Upon hearing this, Scotty celebrates around town, doing whatever he wants, because his parents are dead. Following this segment, Trevor demonstrates the special effect used towards the end of the sketch where footage of him in front of a blue screen was added to footage of a black person.

Peeing - Zach suffers embarrassment at the office. Cubicle Boss - In the workplace, Timmy pooped his pants Sam bothers employee Darren with annoying questions. They draw what they did last night. Pimp Pun Disaster - At the hospital, a nurse Darren tells a pimp Trevor about the status of his whore.

Astronaut Mess - Barry Trevor shows up at the space shuttle late, and bothers Timmy and Darren by spilling foodstuffs on them. Trevor Talks to Kids - Trevor visits a second grade class and talks to the kids about conspiracy theories concerning President Bush. Scarin' Babies - Trevor attempts to scare a baby by warning it of its future college tuition and global warming.

Saturday - Man-child David Trevor sees Saturday as a day to run amok and shoot his bow and arrow. Did You Date - Timmy is out to assault everyone who dated his girlfriend in high school. European History: - A re-enactment of the interaction between Europeans and Indians in makes the Indians look like jerks.

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Crying - At a restaurant, Zach tells his girlfriend Darren that he has a brain tumor. They cry, until the waiter Trevor arrives and announces the specials, one of which is the clam chowder that gets rid of brain tumors. European History: - A re-enactment of the interaction between Europeans and Africans in makes the Africans look like jerks. Opposite Day Lawyer - In a courtroom, Mr. Lawyerstein Trevor informs the jury that Opposite Day has just begun, and gets into a battle of wits with the prosecutor Zach.

Funeral Request - Blackout: Zach makes a funeral request to Trevor.

The last time you pooped your pants

European History: - An enactment of the interaction between Europeans and Martians in predicts that the Martians will look like jerks. If You Think - A bunny, a dog, and a man will die in a fiery explosion if you obey the on-screen text. The Dating Show - Trevor hosts a dating game, where the contestant, Barbara Darrengets nothing but misogynistic responses of sexual desire from the three bachelors, Sam, Zach, and Timmy.

The sketch then is revealed to have been performed as a sketch to criticize offensiveness, only for the cast members to be kicked off the set for various reasons; Timmy for an anti-Semitic remark, Zach claiming to be dating an underage girl, and Trevor advocating violence against the baby boomer generation. Sam, the only one left aside from Darren in the backgroundends the sketch with an offensive remark against Latin-Americans.

Timothée chalamet’s dune character poops his pants, if true to the book

Where Do Babies Come From? Ghost Tea Bag - A fortune teller Darren re Zach's palm and sees several spirits around him, one of which is "tea bagging" him. Ghost Tea Bag 2 - The fortune teller's prediction of Zach's promotion comes true.

Lincoln constantly calls for his security guard Darrenwhen all he wants to do is enjoy the play in peace with his wife Mary Timmy. Bogey on My Six - Two pilots Sam, Trevor have an awkward discussion about their friendship while in mid-air. Slow Jerk - In the workplace, Darren creeps out Trevor and Sam with his mimed masturbation movements. Bigfoot vs. Gravedigger - Two monster truck drivers Sam, Trevor encounter each other at a house party, and destroy the living room. Sub Sandwich - On a submarine, sailors guffaw at the type of sandwich Trevor happens to have.

Hunting Accident - Two hunters named Bob and Jerry Darren and Trevor talk their way through the aftermath of accidentally shooting another hunter Zach. Dear Black People - As a school project, 6-year-old Danny Mathison Timmy sends a letter to the black people of the world, apologizing for slavery in the United States, as well as any other such things to befall black people in years past.

In response, the black people write back an angry, hostile message. Firing Squad - At an execution, the firing squad, consisting of Sam, Zach, and Darren, only have one bullet amongst them all to kill convicted traitor Frank Rosenthorp Timmy. This way, nobody will know who fired the shot, and no one is to feel any guilt over killing him. This le to trouble when Trevor attempts to carry out the execution, having to shuffle around the guns quite a few times. Accidental Puke - William Trevor throws up at the dinner table. Kool Aid - A trailer for an epic movie in which Trevor turns the ocean orange.

Gross Out - Trevor grosses out an audience by drinking out of buckets filled with various disgusting substances. After an aggravated Barney storms out of the studio, he is cornered by a street gang member Sam wearing a baby skull around his neck, who intends to assault him. Upon seeing this, Jerry lo a baby skull-seeking bullet and fires it at the gang member, only for it to fly off course and shoot a nearby baby in the arms of its mother.

As the mother screams out in horror, Jerry slowly slinks back into the TV studio. Pie - Sam realizes he's been typing on a pie instead of a keyboard. Demon Ouija Board - Demon Balthasar Trevor is summoned from Hell to control the ouija board at a girls' slumber party. Flower Monster - After picking up a card with a seductive message, Trevor arms himself with a baseball bat as he follows a trail of rose petals upstairs, thinking there's a flower monster in the bedroom. In order to ensure Sandra doesn't forget that it is only role play and alert the police again, her husband gives her a safety word, "banana", to use if she wants to stop role playing, which she forgets.

Timmy Dance - Timmy does a seductive dance in his underwear. Sam in the Bag - Two sitcom characters Trevor, Sam try to cover their tracks after consuming pot. The history behind the sketch is revealed in a long documentary segment. Pirates - The captain Trevor has trouble getting pirates' attention. Glory Hole - Candace Timmy catches her husband Trevor at the ol' glory hole. Attention Guy - Zach constantly needs attention from the rest of the troupe. He Timmy pooped his pants a song about Attention Deficit Disorderthen hangs himself. President - Perverse department agents Sam, Trevor, Darren must behave around the first female president Zach.

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Tattoo Parlor - A drunk businessman Trevor stumbles into a tattoo parlor and asks for a bizarre tattoo. Motorcycle Momma - Billy Zach wants to play a bizarre pretend game, but Timmy would rather play Sega.

Billy's dad Trevor makes him disappear by repeating "I don't believe in you". Timmy Dance - Timmy does a hoedown in his underwear. We Buy Drugs - A sophomore Trevor sells some new drugs -- two "screamers" and a "small world" -- to some impressed freshmen Sam, Zach, Darren. T getting some bad news. Jim Bust - Fart - Timmy and Trevor and the janitor walk into Jim's office just so they can torture Jim with their farts. Mountain of Chairs - year-old Timmy's parents Zach, Sam trust him enough to leave him alone on his birthday, but won't let him live on a mountain of chairs.

When Jim objects, saying that he doesn't have the time or space for owning a puppy, Trevor tells him not to worry, as the puppy, appropriately named "Wormy", is terminally ill.

The Dinosaur Rap - Trevor stars in a rap video about getting high with dinosaurs. Racist Show Pitches - It takes a racist-sounding "fish out of water" story for a television pitch to go well -- or so Zach thinks.

Fart Dinner - At a restaurant, Trevor pretends to have gas. String Pull - At a dinner date, Sam pulls a very long piece of string out of his teeth, which is attached to his organs. Oh Shit - Two peeping toms Trevor, Timmy watch a lady stripping from a window, and accidentally cause a chain of deaths to happen. The Never Song - Trevor sings a kids' song about how to stay out of trouble, by not disrespecting their parents, by not cheating on tests, and not making crystal meth.

Be A Cop - A recruitment trailer to the trigger-happy police force. Timmy walks off the set in anger. Feeler Doc - A doctor Trevor has an immense fear of touching a patient's Zach lumpy testicle. Instant Karma Bigot - For every racial slur, Zach gets what's coming to him.

Weird - At a gentleman's club, Trevor, Zach and Timmy learn what a stripper Darren will do for money. ing the Army - Enthusiastic Trevor and Zach have a scenario in mind for what they'd do in the army. Kennedy ZachVice President Lyndon Johnson Sam drops in on sniper Lee Harvey Oswald Trevor at the Dallas Book Depository, as part of a planned assassination, which throws Oswald off course and le to an argument between them over how Oswald wants to carry the assassination out.

Meanwhile, Kennedy is driven mad by his prodding wife, Jackie Timmywho requests that the driver of their car Darren play an incredibly annoying song.

Oswald and Kennedy, both fed up with their current situations, sing a duet from afar, dreaming of a world where they can do what they want without trouble.