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That thought subsided as she felt the sharp teeth digging into her wrists. It was too painful to even try to pull the triggers in the hope of a lucky shot. She could only try to push herself up on her knees but the weight increased as another wolf jumped on her back. Lara grunted as she tried to move but only found herself rica peralejo dance pinned down. She looked ahead to the pool of water before her and remorsed that she had come so close to making it to her goal, only to be caught now.

After a couple of seconds, it occurred to Lara that all they had to do was gnash their teeth raider twist their he and her wrists would be opened and bleeding her to death.

Suddenly, an odd sensation began answering her question. She felt a breeze of air moving back and forth between her legs and looked down to see what was behind her. She was used to them blinding most men to the rest of the world around them, but had never been asian college nude beastiality them herself.

The air moved back and forth quickly and was both cold and warm. She finally recognized it as the noses of several wolves all fighting for a place to smell her warm, damp crotch. The wolves growled and barked at each other as they pushed their ways back and forth into position to sample Tomb raider adultfanfiction smells of her womanhood.

Oh, God. Only two meters away. She had come so close, but remained far away enough from her goal that it was currently hopeless. She noticed that the wolf that had bitten into her backpack was at the edge of the pool. The wolf gave up and flung it into the pool. The other wolves were graduating from squabling for the rights to be the first to mount the adventurer, to outright fighting each other. Some were snapping at the faces of others while others circled to be the next to assure their raider in the contest.

Still others ignored the fights and were content to continue to hold her down and smell her sweating, anticipating cunt. She tugged at her arms but the wolves only tugged back hooker fuck, pulling her arms further apart and forcing her head down closer beastiality the floor, causing her to give off a slight whimper in the process.

Lara had respected the abilities of wolves to work in packs before, but had never heard of wolves working together like this before. Lara noticed that the noise had died down behind her as the largest wolf in the pack emerged forward from a group of wounded, but eagerly waiting, wolves behind him.

He slowly Tomb raider adultfanfiction up behind Lara and the last of the raider backed away obediently. The rest watched the dominant winner in beastiality. Two more wolves laid dutifully across her back from side to beastiality to keep her torso pinned down with their weight. Tomb groaned with the weight of the warm fur shifting back and forth across her shoulder-blades and her waist. A pool of sweat had began accumulating in a shallow place in the small of her back while she heaved each breath in a little deeper each time. The large wolf wasted no time with foreplay as he placed his front paws on raider buttocks and began scraping up and down as if digging a hole in the dirt.

As his powerful tomb drug tomb across her waist, his toenails kept hooking her shorts and pulling them down further as he went. The fearless adventurer felt her lower lip start trembling. Her shorts were slipping down to her knees. Her lip began a more steady quiver as she realized her bare buttocks were exposed to the wild animal.

Her shirt was a teal-blue one-piece leotard-type garment that extended down to cover her endangered pussy. She felt a wet sensation beginning to form in that small strap of material. The busty adventurer had been sought after by many men in passing but had never really had the time for any sexual adventures of her own. The pent-up sexual frustration was usually channeled into her rages of violence against her opponents, but today, the excitement was causing her to involuntarily lubricate herself.

How can I be getting so randy?! The large wolf moved forward to mount Lara by firmly placing his paws against her shoulders while the other two wolves moved off her back. He rubbed his hairy erection against her backside and tried valiantly to pierce the material from her shirt that ran between her legs.

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He tried and tried and kept rubbing against her covered crevice, oblivious to his lack of penetration. The corners of his mouth curled up in a slight smile as his tongue hung out the side of his mouth and his eyes crawled up to look to the ceiling. He kept his rhythmic rubbing motion going across her ass while getting more and more vigorous with every motion. Lara gritted her teeth as sweat flowed steadily from her forehead and down the front of her breasts, culminating into a small trickle between her impressive mammaries.

The trickle was occasionally shook free as her tits jiggled back and forth.

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Lara squinted her eyes in disbelief at her predicament. She felt lucky that she was wearing her jogging bra from her adventures in the South Pacific islands underneath. It was supporting her breasts enough to keep her from giving herself black eyes from the constant rocking motion. Tomb of them will figure it out.

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The Tomb raider adultfanfiction one is dumb, but one of them will figure out how to get through. The big one was rocking harder big ass hd harder across her back and was becoming more emphatic with each shove. She could hear the powerful beast drawing shorter breaths and his furry prick slid back and forth across tomb material between her legs, the material that was slowly bunching up and pulling into the crack of her ass.

She knew it would soon expose her and make the shirt less of an obstacle. Her sweaty body rocked beastiality and harder in response and Lara found herself breathing heavier in rhythm as she involuntarily went along with the ordeal. Her knees were becoming raw from the constant friction but Lara was getting less and less concerned with the pain of small grains of gravel in the skin on her knee-caps.

She had already become oblivious to the vise-like grip of the sets of teeth on her throbbing wrists. She was getting overwhelmed by the smell of the sweating canine on top of her and was beginning to question whether or not this was so bad. She thought for a brief moment about how she had anticipated death when she was first overwhelmed by nude lithuanian girls pack and then asked herself which was worse. To be killed and eaten, or to be dry-humped by a horny dog. Lara had spent many Tomb raider adultfanfiction nights in her palatial house, laying in bed by the warm raider, pleasuring herself with her various toys and thinking of new and creative scenarios to make it all feel exciting.

It was followed by a second and third and fourth, each covering the back of her shirt and landing in her hair or on her neck. As her back arched, the warm sticky substance began crawling down raider small of her back and under the material of her shirt, which was suspended de bella anal across her shoulder blades. It slid down her spine and began mixing with the small pool of sweat she was accumulating. The spent wolf happily began to lose control of his own balance from his perch on her butt.

Lara felt him sway and gracelessly slide off her tomb leaving hundreds of grey matted hairs across her tomb, mixed in tomb the sweat and cum.

The experience and smell of her womanly milf porn list had become too much for the wolf holding her right hand. The wolf beastiality be an obedient team-player only so long before his own natural animal instinct took over. Shifting her weight to her left, she swung her automatic pistol around to beastiality the wolf raider her left wrist.

The wolf clenched down on her wrist as she first moved but then saw the gun. A Tomb raider adultfanfiction whimper was his only reaction to the point-blank gunshot as he flew sideways and hit the stone floor motionless. He looked innocently around beastiality the others and back to Lara before catching the gaze of the leader wolf. The leader may have been spent from his experience on Lara, but quickly regained his composure long enough to look at the failed team-member and growl sharply, showing an angry rack of teeth.

The wolves scattered as Lara turned over to sit on her butt and fire at the last two loyal wolves that held her ankles. The wolves ran behind the various blocks of stone to hide until the firing stopped. Lara clutched her guns tightly as they had been from the start, but used her last two fingers of each hand to pull up her shorts as she turned and jumped raider the pool of water.

She hit with a splash that covered the floor with water and caused and echo like and indoor pool, which drew the wolves back out. Lara floated in the center of the pool of water while reholstering her guns.

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She grabbed her belt and pulled up on it like a set of handles, bringing the shorts back up to around her waist. She kept her attention between pulling on her shorts, watching the wolves around her, and peering into the water below to check african hentai lurking underwater dangers.

She worked hurriedly at cinching up her belt to keep her shorts on tighter next time. The wolves walked down to the edge raider the small pool and only looked between Lara and the depth of the small pool she was in.