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All my friends did it so it must be easy….?

True story: i didn’t breastfeed my son

She was constantly telling me to read books and prepare for any difficulty. I eventually bought a book and it was so dry that I could barely get past four. Oh, no, for ME it will be perfect. Actually, the first time I tried to breastfeed, it worked. I remember that the nurses were pretty excited and I was excited, too. I remember at one point there were three nurses, inches from my face, telling me what to do and jostling the baby around. I also met with a lactation consultant twice.

Mum's stories

She was pretty helpful, but in a general this-is-what-I-say-to-everybody sense and no one was interested in looking deeper to see what the problem might be besides the problem being ME. How did you try to cope with your breastfeeding struggles? The whole True stories breastfeeding was really anxiety-inducing.

I remember sitting in the living room with two breast shields strapped to my chest, bawling because I was so overwhelmed. When did you decide to switch to formula? My husband persuaded me to go to the lactation consultant one more time. I was sitting in her office with my husband, holding my son with no shirt on and she was attempting to show me how to breastfeed. At one point, I was grimacing in pain and the lactation consultant unlatches him from my breast and, literally, a chunk of my nipple went flying through the air.

She was very kind and stressed that I should not feel guilty and that everything will turn out okay.

12 mothers share their best (and funniest) breastfeeding stories

I had also come to realize that breastfeeding is an all-consuming thing. With the anxiety that I was having already with having a newborn, combined with lack of sleep and patience, it was turning into something that I dreaded instead of something that made me happy. How did the people in your life respond when you stopped breastfeeding?

My friends attempted, kindly, to persuade me to keep going, that it was hard, but that the more that I practiced the easier it would get. I know that they were trying to be helpful, but ultimately it just increased the guilt I had about going with formula. My lovely doctor was extremely supportive and reassuring and said that she was proud that I was even able to pump for two weeks.

How did you feel when you stopped breastfeeding?

6 embarrassing breastfeeding stories

I felt a relief like no other. I felt like much of my anxiety was gone and I was able to try and focus on being a loving parent instead of panicking about having to pump again in two hours. On the other end, I felt like people were judging me whenever I went into the formula aisle at Target or whipped out the formula in a restaurant. I feel like society puts so much pressure on mothers to be able to do this, a lot of times at the detriment to the mother.

What advice would you give to other mothers who are struggling? My advice is pretty simple — really think about what is best for you and your baby. You are not a bad mother if you choose to formula feed. I feel like I am intelligent enough to have made the decision I made and I assume you are, too! Thanks so much for sharing, Tara. Have any of you struggled with breastfeeding?

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6 embarrassing breastfeeding stories

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Would you ever want to become a classroom teacher in a low-income area That's exactly what Samantha did! This is her story.

Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Samantha.

I'm from Michigan, What does it mean to reinvent yourself and your life at 50? I know sooooo many people who feel trapped in their lives or career and they're not even 35! I'm originally a New How would you navigate life if you lost your leg, hand, and eyesight to a surprise infection How would you cope with re-learning how to walk, parent, be a partner after something like that? That's exactly what happened to Carol in I personally am a mom of a 15 month old and nursed her until she was 13 months.

I also believe i had an undiagnosed as it often is case of PPD. It was hard to not feel "used" during that time period.

Adult breastfeeding x two - random lgbt stories - chapter by 7aesthetic full book limited free

I felt just like a walking food source…. And often times militant in my opinion. There are so many ways to raise … and as his mother each woman gets the opportunity to make her own choices. God love you for pumping for the first two weeks?

All those other judgy mc judgersons can just go suck it. This is a wonderful article. I'm a Pediatric NP, and I care most that both baby and mom are healthy, happy, coping, and supported. Ideally that can all happen with breastfeeding, but if it can't? A stressed, unhappy Mom is a stressed, unhappy baby. Feeding and bonding with your baby are the most important things- whether it's breastmilk or formula.

Your statement about the nurses being vultures is so spot on! When I was in the hospital they were all over me, taking my shirt off and grabbing my breasts whenever they wanted.

World breastfeeding week – real life stories

It was pretty horrible. One day when I just wanted to scream at the nurses, I sort of did — I just told them to leave me alone. I ended up teaching myself and my baby to nurse with a breast shield, and we had been successful for 6 months never weaning from the shield and then about a month ago my supply dipped and my daughter decided to stop nursing. Part of me feels relieved that we're not nursing anymore, but part of me feels guilty. Breastfeeding is the most difficult thing I have ever done.

I'm happy I could do it for my daughter for as long as I was able to.

World breastfeeding week – real life stories

But the guilt? That will somehow always linger, every time I buy formula I feel like I'm being judged. Why do we allow ourselves to feel so guilty? Why do we care what other moms think of us? I hope one day we'll be able to stop judging each other, to stop feeling guilty and just do what works for each of us and our babies. That's what matters. Thank you for sharing your story!

My son was born 11 years ago via emergency C section. I don't know if my body just wasn't ready because I didn't go through labor or what — I could not get the milk going.