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slut latina Mackenzie

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Well, well. Warning: discussion of potentially triggering content including fetish and pedophilia ahead.

How old am I: I am 35
Gender: Lady
My hair: Brunet
I know: I can speak English and Korean
What is my favourite music: Rock
My tattoo: None

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So, got me, Collar World fills that bill.

But I think where Collar World may differ from your garden variety fetish fuel future is that I play with it, parodying Earth normal sexual institutions with their Collar World equivalents. For example, on Collar World, instead of marriage, we have a Personal Collaring, either done privately or in a big public ceremony with a Worst Man to have a fake sword fight with the groom as he claims his bride as she kneels shackled at the Auction Post while the moms cry and the d comfort them.

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Or instead of elopement, a young man kidnaps the apple of his eye when she turns 18, hooding her and binding her and taking her to the nearest police kiosk to register it as a collaring so no one will think it's a kidnapping, followed by several days or weeks of balls-to-the-wall sex. Or there's the tradition of Scary Aunts and Crazy Uncles.

In traditional Deep Southern Gothic culture, they used to lock up unmarriageable aunts and uncles in the attic to keep them from being a social embarrassment. But on Collar World, crazy aunts are enslaved to scary uncles, with the hope that they'd hit it off sexually and sane each other up, killing two birds with one stone, as it were. And of course, there are all sorts of collars o Collar World, not just personal collars for the marrying sort, but free use collars for the promiscuous, business collars for the corporate go-getters and asexual collars for those who don't want to be bothered.

Fitting in on Collar World is mostly a matter of finding a collar that fits comfortably on a woman's neck. Collar World was originally conceived by me as a thought experiment. Kink exists in our society in contrast to vanilla sex, i.

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But what if kink was the norm?. What kind of world might you have.

Well, you could look at such a world as a utopian ideal, which is what I suspect most fetish fuel futures are. But you could also look at it as a fun way to parody our Earth institutions. And that's what Collar World is.

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