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Hello everyone. I know I sort of left my old stories hanging in the balance. I am coming back but I will not be continuing any of my old stories.

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Had there been an actual need for air, both Cullen's would have found it in short supply in the midst of the ear splitting silence that followed Carlisle's instruction. Edward gave an odd spasm, have rising and have remaining firmly rooted to his seat. It was the only time the vampire was anything other than fluidly graceful, and his father had learned to expect this uncharacteristic jerkiness.

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Twilight spanking stories

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Register or. Please search before requesting or posting. Check the You are not allowed to view links. Register or for ed Twilight fanfiction. The following users thanked this post: avagTricklemyuriana.

Twilight spanking stories

You are not allowed to view links. OK I really need some help. I think it starts with her getting out of bed, not realizing who she slept with The night before They go through weeks or months and then the story ends up like Groundhog Day where she wakes up in a bed not knowing who she is next to. The following users thanked this post: avagTricklemyurianaImperiouShadow.

I'm looking for a story, that I just can't seem to remember the title to. I'm pretty sure where Edward it a divorced single dad, the Twilight spanking stories being Tanya maybe Jessica. I remember one scene in particular where Bella goes to pick up Edward's daughter from Tanya, and finds out she's been spanking the daughter. Edward finds out about this and flips out. I think Bella is either the daughter's babysitter or her teacher, don't fully remember. The following users thanked this post: avagTricklemMoonshineeyuriana.

He maybe cheated? That's all I can remember as I lost the story before I could finish it. Thanks for your help.

The following users thanked this post: avagana. I believe Edward saw them in a park for the first time. The following users thanked this post: avagTricklemMoonshineecatebloodredyuriana. Hello, I'm looking for a story that Edward is Bella's teacher, he saw Bella reading a steamy teacher-student fanfiction in class then took her virginity in class. Bella found out that he is married and left the town after that.

They met again in fell in love because Edward's marriage is kinda fake.

It was incomplete, I guess. James rapes her at a party and when they walk in after he says B seduced him and they all get angry at her and stop being friends with her. He continues to rape her after that and she keeps it quiet. E sees a tape of one of the rapes and finally sees what is going on.

Becoming the baby cullen

Hi Everyone! Charlie is a lord or something and is attacked Twilight spanking stories someone. To escape, Bella disguises herself as a maid and runs to Carlisle who is may be a duke for help. But when Bella gets to the Cullen estate only Edward is there, and she is hired as a maid. Edward tries to convince Bella to be his mistress. I also remember that it turns out Renee who died when B was young was actually super high ranking. So Bella's station is actually above Edward's and the King tries to convince Bella to ditch him. She works for a company or maybe a hospital that Edward is in charge of all the Cullens are doctors except for Edward.

Edward has always wanted a family so he tries to take care of Bella. I know at one point Bella is supposed to be digitizing files from home or something.

Also Rose is a super successful surgeon. That's all I really remember. The following users thanked this post: ficfangirlavagTricklemFrillleesmee5dakotayuriana. If I'm posting this in the wrong place just let me know I'm looking for a fic and if anyone can help me you're a lifesaver. I don't remember a ton of plot but I know Edward is a very rich and powerful guy.

Bella is a teacher who cant find work. I don't remember how they came to be together but Edward ends up basically buying her a job at fancy private school. I think he was playing her salary.

Other places i appear

Aro is the dean and Bella finds out when another teacher's Jessica I think complains about special treatment. The following users thanked this post: avagTricklemshaffie23yurianasaraxmarie.

The following users thanked this post: ficfangirlavagTricklemJallaFrillyuriana. Looking for a crossover where Bella is a daughter of Hades only remember pieces. All the Cullens were children of the Greeks. Bella wore special gloves and Olympus was divided by territory Alice gives Bella the tour.

The following users thanked this post: ficfangirlavagTricklemshaffie23yuriana. The following users thanked this post: ficfangirlavagredpen4yurianacnightshade. Here are some things I remember: Edward's family is like a mafia or something similar and Jasper did a background check on Bella and the family was impressed by her I think Bella was trying to infiltrate Edward's family, but ended up becoming loyal to them Bella specialized in knife throwing I believe Edward's family calls his grandma Mama Cullen and she has done knife throwing too Alice is not related, but is a part of the family as she is either married or dating Jasper and she was jealous how Bella got along well with Esme and Rosalie Esme, Rosalie, and Bella did not care much for Alice and just tolerated her because of Jasper I think Alice did something that was trying to cause harm Twilight spanking stories Bella which ended up harming the family.

The family found out and Jasper was disappointed in her, but I don't remember if he broke up with her for that. Please let me know if any of you have any ideas.