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Waverly earp fanfiction, Waverly earp fanfiction girl search male to love

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I was talking with someone today who said she read 27 books this year, and I had a thought. A lot of fanfic. Need I say more? One of the best Wild West AUs there ever was and ever will be. Happy reading, folks :. And I did my research and yo, Samuel A.

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Plenty of Wayhaught and really hits you in the feels. High School AU in which Nicole is a cocky jock who just moved to Purgatory after her parents divorce although things start to change when she meets a certain adorable cheerleader. Waverly finds herself drawn to sweet brown eyed ginger. Slow burn Wayhaught with adorably cute and funny moments. Werewolf AU that follows a certain ginger wolf who has strolled back into town and is smitten with Waverly Earp who happens to be apart of a family of werewolf hunters.

Slow burn Wayhaught.

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Nicole is desperately looking for a new place and when the owner of the only suitable apartment insists on only renting to couples, Nicole tells a little white lie. College AU where Waverly and Nicole strike up a friendship which le to more. Sort of canon, occurs before Wynonna arrives n Purgatory. College AU where Nicole and Waverly are roommates and Nicole is having a hard time hiding her feelings for her best friend. High School AU in which some people have powers but are hunted by the government.

Nicole has to figure out her feelings for Waverly and the complications they bring.

Shapeshifter AU, Nicole moves to purgatory to escape her past and build a new life when she crosses paths with the ray of sunshine named Waverly Earp. Nicole is a bodyguard hired to protect Wynonna Earp from a stalker, sparks fly when Nicole meets her younger sister.


Werewolf AU where Nicole is a park warden with her team, they work overtime to protect people from mysterious mishaps. Dolls calls in an extra set of hands which just happen to be her best friends beautiful younger sister. Nicole Haught is a soldier in an army base near purgatory when she gets a letter from Waverly Earp.

Has Nicole been running from her past too long? What happens when they finally meet?

What happens when Wynonna has killed all the revenants except for one. College AU, recently single Nicole reluctantly s her friends at a bar when she meets the lovely barmaid, Waverly Earp. But what happens when Wynonna dies for a few seconds and a familiar face is seen walking around. WynDolls, Wayhaught, Angst. Kat: Over three seasons which wayhaught scene has been your most favourite to film?

Crazzypanda — great wayhaught fanfiction

Kat: You know what I really, really enjoyed? People are gonna love this but actually really enjoyed the barn scene. Kat: Yep, where Willa walks in. I just loved the way it was filmed, it was so beautiful with the light and the air full of all that horrible dust that looks so pretty on camera but hurts your eyes.

Hannah: Was there anything filmed before that because it seems like it just goes straight into a conversation?

End of year wrap-up: reading fanfic is still reading

Was there anything filmed before that? Dom: There was actually, there was a cut out at the beginning, yeah, there was a little bit. I found a definition that said it meant warrior of justice and then I looked it up the other day because people were asking and it means someone who lives next to the rye field.

Kat: Yess! I was like Really? No no, Ray-leigh. And I was all full of emotion at that part. Kat: No, you said Rayleigh, I heard it but then I realised, because Emily was on set that day and she said she liked it because it sounded like really and I was like nooo….

Kat: Because Waverly earp fanfiction the garden is not going to be snowy — it snowed in Calgary like last week. Kat: Yeah! We have rumours of start dates but nothing official yet. Dom: Do you want to go back as soon as we can, Kat? Is that what you would hope for?

Like timewise, just for your schedule? My friend and I wrote a thing… Read it? Enjoy it?

Nicole had a long day at work and all she wants to do is spend some time with her Waverly. However, when she gets to the Earp barn, she gets treated to so much more. Dancing, teasing, and sex ensues! Waverly, modern! AU, highschool! Waverly knew the girl was trouble as soon as she saw her step out of the U-Haul truck that had just pulled up the driveway.

With hair the color of fire and tall enough to border lanky, there was something about her that instantly attracted Waverly. Nicole and Waverly face a pivotal moment, and the fate of their relationship hangs in the balance. Chapter Summary: Everyone rallies behind Wynonna for the first time.

Oh, and we love some badass Nedleys. With a growl, Nicole sprints to come muzzle to muzzle with Bobo, spitting fury and tense with rage. She can hear Wynonna, just behind her, swearing and struggling to reload, when Bobo suddenly charges over them both and out of the gates, the pack following his heels. Call it looking for a connection, call it honouring a memory, call it being a glut for pain.

A lot of kissing. A lot of kissing is happening in season four. Em… Gosh what else can I say…? Hannah: What was it like when you first put on the nicole outfit again and went on set? What was that like after being away for a year and a half? But I just think after everything that was going on and being away for so long, it was just such a relief and I think you could feel amongst the cast just that extra level of gratitude for being back just because it became so real that it might not happen and it was so scary.

Yeah it was a really good feeling. Day 20 - Favourite kiss. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are well on their way to being my favorite same-gender ship and one of my favorite ships period, and this is their first kiss. And their second kiss. Besides the gaiety of it all and my overall affection for this couple, another thing that distinguishes the WayHaught kiss is how nervous Waverly is. She kisses her so powerfully that Nicole, who Waverly earp fanfiction larger than Waverly, stumbles backward and falls onto the couch.

After kissing Nicole, Waverly talks about several experiences she would like to have, such as parachuting out of a plane. Earlier in the episode 1x09Waverly is walking down the street alone after that disastrous conversation where she and Nicole are talking about completely different things. Is there a name for that trope?

There must be. Nicole pulls up alongside her and insists on giving Waverly a ride back into town.

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Like, could everybody just stand still for one fricking minute? Look how Waverly reacts to that contact:. Of course, her growing chemistry with Nicole is one of the ways her world is changing, and it frightens her. Waverly brought that assumption and lashes out at Nicole rather than confront her own desires.

Waverly earp

Nicole is kind, considerate, supportive. She comforts Waverly even after Waverly is rude to her. Who she wants. Instead she talks about how she wants to do things that scare her…such as Nicole, who seems to find it adorable that Waverly is scared of her. Then they make out, and it is so goshdarn passionate. This makes me wonder if perhaps she had grown up in the foster care system and had no real parental figure in her life before.

To me I read this facial expression as tense and terrified. Any further ideas on her past?