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What does skull fuck mean, Bbbw woman picking men What does skull fuck mean flirts

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Help support Wordnik and make this ad-free by adopting the word skull-fuck. This went on far longer than it should, including my giving him 10 seconds to find my correct jacket or else I was going to, in the immortal words of R. Lee Ermey, gouge out his eyes and skull-fuck him. For those who haven't, consider it--buying directly from the independent publisher avoids the "Amazon skull-fuck. Archive

My age: I am 27
Ethnicity: Finnish
Eyes: I’ve got dark gray-blue eyes
Gender: Lady
What is my figure features: My body type is quite strong
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal
In my spare time I love: Learning foreign languages

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Skullfucking is just another name for intense oral sex where the "top" takes the lead and actually fucks the mouth until he shoots his load. What morticians do late at night with helpless morgue stock Not to be confused with Skullcandy. An offensive term of a psychiatrist.

A professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Quite literally, to fuck in the skull.

This usually means inserting one's penis into any orifice in the head excluding the mouthsuch as the nostrils, ears or a hole bashed into the back of the head with a pair of pliers. As this is not only rather painful but quite impossible in most cases, skullfucking is not a common practice in real life unless you're talking about necrophiliacs that is.

It is, however, tolerably prevalent in the world of hentai art, resulting in pictures that are more horrific than sexually arousing.

My advice: don't seek out any of these pictures unless you have an uncontrollable urge to lose your lunch all over the keyboard. See also skullfuck.

See mindfuck. Can also be used as a kind of insult. When somebody is fucked through the eye socket.

I wouldn't know what it feels like, but it's probably nice. The action of inserting one's erect penis into the eye-socket of another person and proceeding to thrust your hips back and forth, thereby "fucking" their skull.

Skullfuckeryverb. Either in the eye socket, or mouth, or anywhere else where the penis can penetrate the skull, such as a hole smashed in the back of the skull with a hammer so you can feel the brains on your cock and shoot semen directly onto the area that gives people horrifying nightmares of dicks entering their skulls and shooting semen into their brains to impregnate them with the children of the master race of skullfuckers.

What is skullfucking? These two guys took turns skullfucking me until they both shot huge lo in my mouth and throat. That skullfucker tried to get me to talk about myself even though he is a complete stranger to me. Damn, watching Memento will give you a bloody good skullfucking.

John: I skullfucked lisa yesterday. Suzy's a slut, she'll give you skull for weed. Ashley skulled me all night till I busted in her throat.

Ethel has a glass eye so I skullfucked her socket and lubed it up with my semen for her glass eye.