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I have more than one label in my Paganism, but I have probably already discussed the hows and whys of Hellenism and Hekateanism a fair bit already.

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Are you a cottage witch? The cottage witch typically possesses a wide range of magical domestic skills. Crafty and resourceful, she expertly transforms scraps of fabric into spell poppets and knows her way around kitchen witchery. If this sounds like you, or a path you want to start down, consider the following ideas to enrich your practice. If you know how to sew whether by hand or with a machineuse your skills in your magical practice. Try this love goddess spell poppet to draw a little romance in your life.

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You are warm and sheltered.

The hearth witch's compendium: magical and natural living for every day

You are completely at one in the house of your own longing and belonging. While the Hearth Witch is in tune with nature, it is the Green Witch who wants to make her home in nature. The Hearth Witch wants to invite nature and all her elements inside for biscuits and tea. She works to strengthen and honer the home as a sacred space, making it simple, peaceful, and nourishing. Other folklore and stories tell of herbal healers in many other cultures too. Hearthcrafting is essential to the Hearth Witch.

Magical homemaking activities such as candle making, naturally dying fabric, weaving, knitting, and sewing are all things that the Hearth Witch finds grounding and sacred. Essentially, Hearth Witchcraft is a daily, living mindfulness practice to transform the mundane into the magical.

The Hearth Witch may feel unbalanced if she lacks creativity, gets behind on her to do list, or if she just needs a cup of hot tea and a good book.

The modern Hearth Witch may find that her home is not in harmony if she feels that her life is lacking a sense of warmth and refuge. She strives to provide a nourishing home for all who enter but may forget to nourish her own spirit in the process.

Recipes, herbal remedies, and natural energies to connect with your natural world and restore balance in modern life. Make Magic Flow with Everyday Life. The Hearth Witch. She is both the Wild and the Wise woman. Am I a Hearth Witch?

Am i a hearth witch?

You might be a Hearth Witch if:. You prefer your sacred space to be uncomplicated, with simple natural tools — such as a stone, some wood, perhaps a few herbs, and some salt. You like things to be multi-purpose. Rose vinegar would easily work as a headache remedy, a counter top spray, and a salad dressing. You are drawn to the healing arts such as bodywork, midwifery, energy healing, and herbalism. You love learning about herbs and healing plants.

You practice daily mindfulness. You belive that even small acts such as watering the plants can transform the mundane into the magical.

Why i am a hearth witch and what is hearth witchery anyway?

You believe in the power of songs and chants. Are you a Hearth Witch? Is it time to rewild your soul? the Naturally Modern Witch Membership!

Cottage witch: a goddess of the hearth and home

the club. What is a Kitchen Witch? What is a Green Witch? What is a Hearth Witch?

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