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Why does my boyfriend want me to wear a thong, Espanol woman Why does my boyfriend want me to wear a thong friend for chat

Oh and I'd like to add that I do agree with some of the others on here.

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Age: 18
Tone of my iris: I’ve got clear blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
Figure type: I'm strong
My favourite drink: White wine
Other hobbies: Yoga

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Boyfriend wears my thongs in private, distant and watches straight porn is he gay? Is it me? I've been with him for about 10 months now, and the beginning of our relationship was amazing. We had sex pretty often, and we got along really good. A month into dating, he would go down in the bathroom for a good hour or two. I was getting suspiciousso after he came back i looked through his phone and saw he was watching straight porn. I felt insecure and.

Later confronted him about it, when he went to the bathroom again. He denied it and never owns up to it. I told him i didn't care he watched porn i just didn't like how he had to hide it.

Why do guys like thongs on their girl?

Later on in our relationship i came back from staying at a girlfriends house and i opened his galleryit gives u the option to see deleted photos, videos. It was him fingering his ass with lube in my red tanktop, then i noticed he ripped my leggings up and used them as knee highs.

I was embarrassed to even ask him about it.

I brushed that off my shoulders and went on dating him. After accepting the fact we were happy to have a little one, mind u I'm So sex wasn't too often, i didn't mind.

He would go to the bathroom and obviously watch porn. But he still showed me affection only when i would say something about it. I went through his bag one day and found my thongs, random pantyhose, and even a thong I've never seen before. Never mentioned this either.

Its so hard to believe he would be gay, maybe bi? I don't know. So i have the baby we're still going strong, but sex isn't an option for me at this point, but i enjoy pleasing him and do it quite often. One night i seen my dildo in his pocket.

He isn't interested in having sex with me at all he's on his phone watching porn or looking through things on his phone. I'm not a confronting person.

But i do let him know i'm a bothered about him being distant acting weird. He started to ger pissed when id tell him about my feelings toward the porn hiding thing he would deny it.

My boyfriend wants me to start wearing thong underwear what should i do?

Until recently i had enough and this is all bottled up. I told him i found thongs and etc in hiding spots. He got super defensive and stared to deny it all come up with lies. He calls me crazy why i don't trust him and turns this around on me.

I don't want to argue. Is he gay or what should i do. But i dont want to keep thinking its me.

Answer 7, views. Hello Hannah, This sounds like a really complicated and confusing situation. Also be aware that amongst those who are aroused by many aspects of the sex or gender that appeals to them, focus on a limited part of that buffet : maybe breasts, or legs, or hair, or shoes, or particular smells, etc.

Sometimes it's just a part of what turns them on, sometimes it becomes mot of what turns them on, and that may be unfortunate. Both in the sense that they miss out on the full range of desirable aspects of their partner, and in the very real sense that their partner may feel neglected, when all the attention seems to be focused on only a part or aspect of them.

Of people who are biologically men, but gain pleasure from women's clothes, even by dressing in them. Paraphilias attraction for aspects next to, the usual main focus of sexual desire is the modern term for what used to be called sexual deviations ; and Fetishism is the term for when there's a sexual passion for non-genital parts of the body, or non-living aspects.

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As simply a matter of taste, where it is like a spice that adds a further flavour to one's sexual activities, that's fine. When it become more exclusively the main focus, or attracts you to the point that it causes distress to you or others, or interferes with aspects of your ordinary life and relationships, it's a problem deserving attention and advice. When a guy, for instance, is specially turned on by a woman wearing high heels, that's OK ; when he is far more turned on by the shoes and heels than in the woman, that's less OK. I don't see anything that suggests he is necessarily gay.

Gay men are not particularly interested in having sex with women, nor do they sneak off to watch straight porn, and they rarely impregnate women. His interest in dildos, etc.

His interest in thongs, women's underwear, etc. As it apparently is not something he shares with you, as part of your relationship, but instead denies, hides, and sneak off to indulge in, its a diversion from a wholesome relationship. It's unfortunate that you allowed yourself to become pregnant by someone you clearly do not understand and knew rather little about. There was sense in the old social customs of long engagements and genuinely trying to get to know each other, before diving into sexual behaviour that could lead to pregnancy.

Did you guys not use contraception? You say you love him ; you don't say how he feels about you.

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Both of you chose to create a baby, whose needs and interests must come first. So you have to talk this through together, calmly and peacefully, for the sake of the baby and of both of yourselves. Avoid accusations or talk that suggests accusations. There's a difference between confronting someone, which usually le to an unproductive argument or denial, and being calmly assertive, expressing your feelings, and concerns, and asking for clarification and helpful information.

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