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No matter his complaints, he was thankful for his dad training him.

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Minato took Naruto from her arms, he looked down at his wife. From being the most powerful clan in the world, to settling bets by swapping their lovers. Kushina and Minato's eyes widen as Tsunade and Jiraiya's eyes widen as well. They radiated warmth and sadness as they were starting to walk over to the scene.

Minato leaned down and kissed Kushina one last time, Kushina stopped breathing and died with a smile. Tears appeared on Minato's eyes while Kushina shook with dread and shock. Alright, review and let me know how that was. Minato and Kyuubi had worked him hard the night before. Naruto is an orphan who has a dangerous fox-like entity known as Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within his body by his father, the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, the leader of Konoha's ninja force, at the cost of his own life and that of his wife, Kushina Uzumaki. Travel Details: And, just like Kakashi 'foretold,' Guy threw down paper with such gusto it sliced through the air, and in response the copy cat ninja nonchalantly cut the paper with his 'scissors'.

There was no real peace between the factions, yet no major conflicts occurred as well.

Summary: Hours before Naruto is born, Minato has a frightening premonition and keeps Kakashi on duty as a bodyguard. She couldn't reveal her face for she had direct orders from Shimura Danzo who took charge of ANBU and the Root alike after the Hokage's prematurely demise.

The display of Ninjutsu Fighting one of the Sannin casually. It was always like Minato to show off. And when he opened the door, the steam blasted him right in the face, momentarily blinding the blond, who stumbled over the threshold with a hissed curse. His cries abruptly stopped and stock-still silence covered the room.

Naruto acts like tobirama fanfiction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Class has already begun.

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R - Genres: May 14, 7: And there was another with him as well; A young woman about his age with pale white eyes and long ink blue hair. Naruto, Yugito and Tayuya speak perfect English with no accent. The paper that Naruto is removing is really just the seal weakening to the point where the Nine-Tails can break out. It would be interesting if Kurama is the Lergen in this world as something is not right with Rei.

Then She Found A Journal.

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I wrote above that SasuHina looks like FugaMiko. Minato tickles him and Naruto giggles. Something that makes Minato uncomfortable until Jiraiya points out that Musume has been the one raising Naruto due to Minato's Hokage duties She took it upon herself to look after Uzumaki Naruto; Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato's legacy. I watched a few episodes of Naruto from time to time as a kid and really enjoyed it but never got the chance to watch it fully. The Third Hokage had had enough, he was concerned about Naruto's safety, even though he didn't show it, he valued Naruto more like a son than anything else, after all, he reminded him of Minato and Kushina, and was so energetic it made him feel like he could jump and dance, even in this day and age.

A while later he could barely keep his eyes open. Not the well crafted and replicatable plans of a Nara, but real, truly outside the box, backup plans. In one decision, the fate of the shinobi world changes forever. The Uzumaki family is an odd one. Neglectednaruto Stories Wife let dog fuck her I first started watching it from start to finish in late and finished Naruto and Naruto shippuden in one huge binge within 3 ish months. His muscles were sore and he felt so much heavier thanks to the increased weights Minato had forced on him.

Fire Style Stream. Author note: the picture are not mine, the char She took it upon herself to look after Uzumaki Naruto; Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato's legacy. I hope you all enjoy and everything you need to know is right below. To Minato, it seemed like time slowed down as the masked man brought the kunai over Naruto and stabbed him with it.

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How could their roles get switched? Tell me it is genjutsu! Having survived Obito's attack, Minato and Kushina struggle to raise Naruto while balancing their official duties. May 29, Kushina wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck tightly and screamed out loud, letting her chin rest on his shoulder. Aided by Team Minato, she became one of the little boy's guardian's aka Dove nee-chan. As for Kushina she and Rei would have opposing choices for the type of girl Naruto would marry. When it finally did, Naruto let go of her leg and removed his head from her pussy.

I can't stop smiling.

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Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze is a then neglected son of Minato and Kushina, Naruto Story finished you can adopt, and change as much as you like. Kakashi's Mini-me Chapter 5, a naruto fanfic FanFiction. He had almost forgotten about Naruto's proficiency at shadow clones.

People not already aware of who he was — which were few and far between — sometimes looked at him and saw a timid young man; solid but not too brazen, smart but not that She took it upon herself to look after Uzumaki Naruto; Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato's legacy. Naruto is too cute, with his inherited sunny blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

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Shall we test that out? The Sound Of Madness: Danny was forced there, and doesn't know a thing about horses. Instantly he got looks of shock because no one knew that Minato got married and had a .

But Sadly That Couldn't Happen. Naruto was an Uzumaki, probably no more than a distant cousin but still family.

Kushina smiled at the memory, but wished the woman let her die, she loved her son with all her heart, he is the only thing she has left, but he looks like his father, and has mix of her personality and his fathers, she told herself or wanted to tell herself she wasn't attracted to her son that way, but couldn't accept that as her thoughts when she pleasured herself drifted to him, she even She took it upon herself to look after Uzumaki Naruto; Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato's legacy.

Naruto Otsutsuki Legend Chapter 8: New Naruto, a … Travel Details: Naruto's armored susanoo is black in color, it looks exactly like Madara's Search up Madara armored susanoo but it has 4 arms the one of the bottom 2 holds a … Don't let the sweet girl fool you she has Kushina's temper. A fact that really irks her.

Naruto was happy that she was pretty and wondered what he would look like with red hair, and then asked her how she and Minato fell in love.

Minato liked to pride himself on being very knowledgeable when it came to politics and battle. This made them smirk with girls who were interested in him, but as realization rained down upon Minato and Kushina that he got this far without them made the couple sad. Naruto jumped up and tried to runaway only to trip over his own legs "Stupid short legs" Naruto mumbled under his breath with a few choice words. Even after the divorce, Kimiko tried to act as a bridge between her mother and father. But Naruto was in no state to ponder the disappearance of that offending obstacle.

They were all wearing masks, and matching tattoos on their shoulders.

No one knew who they were, and, as time went on, Naruto found that he was starting to act more and more like a boyfriend than a brother. Naruto's Journal. The sentence broke the silent staring contest and Chaos insued. Minato and Kushina were watching their son with eyes full of pride and a little bit of awe. But I finally finished it, doubted that I could bc I easily lose my motivation and the hardest part was keeping it. Kushina adds with a fox like grin. The installer might attempt to modify your home, online search engine and browser settings or set up third party delivers.

Minato Namikaze. She knew that that they would never get back together, but she loved them both and couldn't be without both of them in her life, them and Naruto.

Each tail having a different element i came up with teh elements :D nu uh, we both had the idea, I wanted to do that from the start you helped me get each of the tails I wanted tho lol, eh you love me :3 sall good nu I don Minato Namikaze and Mikoto Uchiha will make a fine pairing actually because both are extremely gorgeous. Allrigty folks! He had grown eight large, elephant-like legs on each side of his lower body, extending back from his torso and connected to his body by white carapace-covered ts going up to the base of a bony tail club.

Chapter 2: Sometimes it does, sometimes it does. Chapter Text.

That must change right now, starting with this heart-warming one-shot. Don't let the sweet girl fool you she has Kushina's temper. Kushina and Minato were both shocked that Naruto was so fast that even they didn't even see him move. Naruto was born with hair as red as his mother's, but with a face and intellect that paralleled his father, the Fourth Hokage. Not Yaoi.