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Finally, in season six, temporarily-in-command-of-the-Enterprise Captain Jellico played by original Robocop bad guy Ronny Cox orders her to wear a proper uniform, and while the request is supposed to indicate his inflexibility and general meanness, we will be forever grateful to him. One of the androids is a shapely, soft-voiced woman called Andrea. Like Elaan's, her marriage will bring peace between warring planets. Here's a good one from Star Trek.

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THE beautiful female cargo of Harcourt Fenton Mudd Season 1, Episode 6 — shown above was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to galactic babes on the original Star Trek. Besides the fact that the Enterprise dress code required micro-minis for all female crew members, it seemed like every episode provided an opportunity for some sci-fi eye candy. Whitney was cut from the show before the first season ended — and the reasons for it remain unclear.

When it was determined that Kirk was not to be a one-woman guy, her value as a love interest went bye-bye, and subsequently so did her job.

God knows he could barely pass through a scene without staring longingly at her chest. No doubt in my mind The Shat was banging the Yeoman. No doubt whatsoever…. The sad story is that after she was cut from Star TrekJanice slipped even further into her alcohol addiction.

Years later DeForest Kelley saw her waiting in an unemployment line and got her some small parts in the Star Trek movies. Janice has since come forward and said that she was sexually assaulted by a Star Trek executive, and this was in no small part why she left the show. Fact or Fiction — we may never know. Maggie Thrett — Had a brief singing career working with Bob Crewe until a near fatal motorcycle accident with Gram Parsons.

After the incident, Thrett drifted away from the limelight.

Susan Denberg — German born Playboy Playmate of August ; also starred in Frankenstein Created Woman opposite Peter Cushingalthough her voice was dubbed due to her thick accent. Specifically, she had a nude scene in a Blake Edwards movie that was cut from the American release Gunn,but appeared in Playboy that year.

They definitely knew what they were doing. Helen Noel.

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Norman Schwarzkopf. Episode 12 featured one of several Green Girls to appear on the series. This one, Vena, was played by actress Susan Oliver, who would later become an accomplished pilot. Barbara Anderson as Lenore Karidian in Episode Anderson is best remembered for her role in the TV series Ironside. She looks absolutely bored while the men do all the work. Phyllis is one of the last surviving cast members of Gone with the Wind.

Emily played on television here and there, from Mannix to The Tim Conway Showbut never really made it big. She seemed to be going strong in the sixties with Elvis movies, a handful of other feature films, and some pretty big TV spots Wild, Wild West and Dragnet. In this episode we Yeoman rand nude yet another nubile Yeoman Yeoman Teresa Ross figuring into the storyline.

A Space Liberace transforms her standard miniskirt uniform into a flowing formal ball gown. In a semi-awkward moment, Kirk throws a fit and manhandles Yeoman Ross, madly removing her gloves and feather.

After a few short spots on some TV shows, she married the manager of Canned Heat and called it quits. Oh, and she also landed in the July Playboy. McGivers is a historian, a respected academic….

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Sure, Khan slaps her around, ruins her career, and plans to destroy all her friends and colleagues…. Despite being a primary character, Madlyn Rhue was unable to appear in the The Wrath of Khan, a sequel to this episode. Sadly, this was due to multiple sclerosis which rendered her unable to walk when the movie was filmed. In it, Scottie takes a shine to Yeoman rand nude expert in archaeology and anthropology. Unfortunately, so does the Space Apollo who fits her into some new duds…. The Giant Spider Invasion. Lesley married the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

In Episode 8 of Season 2 we once again find Mudd flanked by a bevy of robotic beauties ready to do his bidding, no matter how deviant and perverse. Having no actresses picked just days before filming, Roddenberry was in a state of panic. Allegedly, he cruised the streets and found the Andrece girls, invited them into his car and gave them the part.

Due in no small part to the revealing costume, Shahna became quite the cult figure in later years. After her role as Shahna, Angelique struggled with drugs and alcohol. She hit the burlesque circuit in Vegas and did some nude scenes in low budget films. By the time the Eighties rolled around, she was in hard core pornography.

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At one point, she had sunk so low that she was actually living in a cabin deep in the Virginia backwoods. At one point we see Shahna rolling around in pain in her skimpy outfit. No doubt this little scene turned many a boy into a man…. But as fate would have it, the Star Trek phenomenon really started to take hold in the Eighties, and Trek conventions became a cottage industry.

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Angelique was able to latch on to that gravy train and earn a living from it until her death from cervical cancer in And so ends our tour of the Trek babes for the time being. Many of you may be wondering — what, no Uhura? In due time, readers. In due time.

We have exceeded our story length limit, but all will be made right in the near future. It was progressive and sexy. But they forget to make her interesting, unique, and three dimensional.

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Grace lee whitney nude

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